The Mothman

mothman32.jpgI’m going to give the Mothman his won page on the blog just because I really like the Mothman and I think he’s a little different then the other crypto-zoological creatures.I first heard about the Mothman from a little movie called The Mothman Prophecies which is a great movie. Well I found out soon after it was based on a true story. There is a book by the same name written by John Keel.

It’s said that this thing is a tall human-like creature with what appear to be wings and often said to have large red eyes. A lot of people have said that this thing is sighted before something tragic is about to happen. Of course the most famous situation is the Point Pleasant West Virgina and the Silver bridge the movie and the book is based on. It happened in 1966-67.

Many people for weeks leading up to the now infamous Silver Bridge incident saw a human-like creature which stood 7 to 9 foot high with what look like wings folded behind it’s back. The mothman was seen quite often around the abandoned TNT factory outside Point Pleasant. It was widely believed that mothman used the tunnels under the factory to move around sight and unseen.

Weeks after the sightings started the Silver Bridge which spanned the Ohio river collapsed into the river. 46 people died.

I don’t really know what to make of this, I like the legend and I believe seeing this thing just before great accidents is really more of a coincidence. People said that they saw mothman just before that bridge in Minnesota collapsed

There is a really good website from of the moth man


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