The Aztec Incident

ufo024.jpgWe all know about Roswell right. When someone mentions UFO most of use think “Roswell”. How man out there have heard of the Aztec UFO Incident? It happened in 1948, about nine months after Roswell in Aztec New Mexico. So as you can see the timing is rather interesting.

The story goes that a 99.99 foot saucer shaped craft crash landed on a ridge in Aztec New Mexico and was discovered by some oil workers. The ship had no rivets or welds it was completely smooth, there were portholes that seemed to blend into the material the craft was made out of. Apparently one of these portholes had been cracked open and inside a lever of some kind could be seen and was close enough to activate which created an opening where no seems could be seen for such an opening.

the story goes on to talk about 14-16 small bodies where taken and the craft was somehow disassembled and shipped out to possibly Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. If you want to read up on this subject go to it’s a good place to start.

I’m really starting to like this story even more the Roswell. this one was really under the radar and has more witnesses then Roswell and so maybe a little more information can come about that. Do I think there aliens not really. I mean I think it’s pretty stupid to think that in this vast universe that were are the only ones out there, it can’t be. However I really feel like a lot of what people see especially but in the forties and fifties is/was experimental aircraft rather it be ours or some other countries. So I guess what I’m saying I believe their are aliens I just don’t think the fly around in ships and visit.


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