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Review: Dulce Base The Truth and Evidence from the Case Files of Gabe Valdez, by Greg Valdez

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20131020_TDT_L_UFO_1021_p1_300If your looking for a sensational book about super-secret bases that contain strange alien experiments and battles involving aliens and the military, then look elsewhere.  However if your looking for a an account of the events surrounding Dulce New Mexico in the 70’s and 80’s based on police reports and scientific evidence then this is the book for you.  The book is written by Greg Valdez and it follows the adventures of his farther, Gabe who at the time of all the Dulce craziness was the state police chief for the Dulce area.

The book starts off with Gabe’s investigation into strange cattle mutilations around the area.  More and more pile up and Gabe and a team of rancher’s, police and a scientist or two chase strange objects around in the night and perform experiments on the cattle to help determine what exactly what was going (the results may surprise you).  I personally enjoy the part where Mr. Valdez and a few police from the local reservation where chasing an odd bright object in the night sky.  The object seemed to be guessing their every move, almost as if  it was tapping into their radio chatter.  Because of this they decide to start speaking in their local Native American language and it seems to do the trick.  They were able to corner the thing but it still ended up slipping away.

Of course there’s more to the whole Dulce saga then some dead cattle and strange lights.  Enter Paul Bennewitz, Paul started poking around Dulce in the early 1980’s and his story has a book all it’s own (it’s called Project Beta by Greg Bishop, can you guess what my next review may be?). Paul quickly befriended Gabe Valdez and pointed out some fascinating things, sadly about 20% or so was complete disinformation fed to Bennewitz to lead him astray.  Greg states that if you take everything Bennewitz said and leave out anything that has anything to do with aliens then his info seems to be spot on.  Even though Paul’s life and mind were ruined because of what the massive disinformation campaign that was waged against him we were finding out now that he may not have been as crazy as he was made out to be.

These two subjects make up the meat of the book, most of the information on the base comes from Paul Bennewitz and blossoms from there.

What I like about Greg’s approach to the material is he didn’t have any preconceived notions about where it would leads (a problem with a lot of paranormal books).  He analysis his father’s notes, police reports, documents and other information and lets it take him where it takes him.  He didn’t twist and bend the facts to fit into some tale the he decided before hand was the truth.  I won’t get to much into it (if you want to know read the book) but it is not a crazy story about aliens battles and human experiments underground.  The conclusion he comes to is very down to earth but still very interesting and enjoyable.  This books also has a companion website which expands on the information with some of  documentation and photos, which is a great idea and a great way to fall further down the rabbit hole.  The book can be a bit dry at times (Greg will even forewarn you of  that a couple of times) and a couple of the chapters are very long.  It’s also easy to tell the Greg is not a writer, however that was not the point.  He  just wanted to get the information out there, he’s not out to make money and he’s not out to make a career of writing and I’m fine with that it was still a great read.  I did notice that  some of the information he stated in the book that would be featured on the website has not (at least when I was reading it) was not featured not the website.

Even though the book is not perfect it still contains so much great info on the Dulce story, and it’s all from actual documents and evidence, if Greg didn’t have something to back it up he didn’t put in in the book.  I definitely recommend this book, even though it can get technical at times you’ll breeze through and find yourself saying, “That makes a lot of sense” at the books end.  The website is a great resource even on it’s own without the book, but to get the most out of the two you really should read the book and give the website a visit.

Buy the book here

Visit the book’s companion website here


Man Made Monsters; Golems, Tulpas, and Thought Forms

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There’s a synagogue in Prague.  It’s referred to as the New Old Synagogue.  What’s so interesting about this place you may ask?  Other then it’s the oldest functioning synagogue, there are people out there that well tell you that a golem’s lifeless body lies in the attic.  It’s an interesting story to say the least.

In the year 1580 a Priest by the name of Taddeush was planning to blame jewish people of “ritual murder”.  Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel got wind of the rumors and decided to do something about it.  The Rabbi asked for help in the form of a dream question. He got his answer.  Rabbi Loew was to make a golem out of clay, to destroy his enemies.  Rabbi Loew and two assistants a pupil and his son-in-law.  The three men made preparations and sculpted a giant body our of clay from the river bed of the  River Moldau.  Using specific rituals they brought the clay form to life.  The golem seemed to have accomplished his mission.  When the creature was no longer needed (or perhaps the golem  become unruly and had to be dealt with) Rabbi Loew took the golem to the attic of the synogogue and reversed the ritual.

Why it is a great story and indeed no one seems to be allowed to go into the attic (not even the Nazi’s would go up there) did it actually happen that way.  It’s a legend and maybe the only way to know for sure is to get up in that fables attic.  However making a creature out of clay is not the only way to make a monster.  Sometimes you can just think it.

You watch a movie about a large werewolf terrorizing small town.  That night you go to do bed and the only thing you can think of is that wolf.  It’s stuck in your mind and it’s all you can think of for days.  After maybe a week or so a story from a nearby town about a werewolf stalking about starts making the rounds.  This is pretty much a Tulpa.  A Tulpa or thought form  is something created by pure concentration.  It is said by just concentrating hard enough you can manifest anything just by thinking about it.  And I believe to a point thats true.  I’ve never manifested a cryptid but there have been times when I imagined scenarios the ended up happening.  For example I used to deliver pizza while I went to school.  A year or so after graduating I delivered a pizza to a large local business and though “I wonder if they have any need for graphic design around here”.  I wondering about it off and on for a couple of weeks and low and behold I now work there.

The concept of a tulpa derives from Tibet.  Tibetan monks seem to be the first people who perfected the art of the tulpa.  The concept made it’s way to the west in the 19th century after Alexandra David-Neel claimed to have manifested a monk who later grew a mind of his own and later had to be destroyed.

The concept of a thought form would be an intriguing way to explain so many paranormal topics.  Do people see Bigfoot because they do nothing but think about Bigfoot and so perhaps the manifest the creature it self.  Could the same be said about UFO’s or even ghost?  It might just be a little to good of an explanation.

Just promise me this if you try to make your very own tulpa don’t make anything to scary.

Sonderburo 13; The Secret Nazi UFO Squad

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Even though the term Sonderburo 13 comes off sounding like spanish and it may be (I do not speak spanish) it is actually the name given to a covert group under the Nazi regime during WW II.  This group’s purpose was none other then to investigate UFO’s.  By the middle of World War Two almost every participating country in the war had some sort of group looking into cases of unexplained objects in the sky.  The name of this black project was Project Uranus.  Sonderburo 13 first appeared in a book by french author and Ufologist Henry Durrant.  The tale of Sonderburo 13 eventually made it’s way into Tim Good’s book Above Top Secret.

The group’s first case came in 1942 when luftwaffe pilot Hauptman Fischer reported claims of a strange object in the sky.  The pilot had been transferred to a  secret location in Norway by the name of Banak.  After arriving he was ordered to intercept a strange object flying over the base.  Fischer described seeing a “Luftwl” or “flying whale” some 300 feet long.  Fischer’s sighting would later be blamed on madness form being stationed in such a cold climate.

On Febuary 12th 1944 S13 investigated the Kum-mersdorf rocket test center.  At the test center were none other then Heinrich Himmler and Josef Goebbels along with other high ranking Nazi officials.  They were there to attend a test of an experimental rocket.  Not surprisingly the launched was filmed.  What was surprising was the when the film was processed a strange spherical orb was seen following the rocket.

Later that year in September a German test pilot  reported not only being followed by two bright lights but also claimed to have seen a 300 foot long craft.  Could this be the same huge object the Fisher has reported seeing years earlier?  The pilot tried to intercept the craft but it was moving far to fast, close to 1,200 miles an hour.

It’s a very interesting story it’s got everything, Nazi’s, UFO’s, a secret group.  It would be a great account of the UFO’s during WWII, if it were true.  That’s right in 1970 Durrant claimed in his book The Black Book of Flying Saucers that he had made up the whole story.  Why would he do such a thing?  Durrant says he made the story up to see just how many UFO authors would do proper research into the subjects they were looking into.  So it was all just a test and seems Tim Good failed.

Why it is not hard to believe the Nazi’s would have such a group (we did) it seems no documents have ever surfaced about the group or the cases they investigated.  Also no one has ever seen the supposed rocket film with sphere shaped UFO.  There also seems to be a lack of resources for Sonderburo 13 which leads me to believe that yes, Durrant probably made the whole thing up.  I mean a story like this, if true there would most likely have a few books written on the subject by now.  A part of me wonders if Durrant really made it up of he was just covering for some reason but thats just me wanting to making more out of what really there… maybe.


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*News Round-up* Jan 25th 2012

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Man Claims Ghost Punched his Wife- Or so he says, paranormal investigators (and me) aren’t quite convinced.

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Lots of UFO Sightings Flood Early 2012- There seems to be an awful lot of UFO sightings to kick off the year.

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Russian Scientist Say There is LIfe on Venus- Scientist in Russia say they have evidence of life on Venus from a 30 year old photo


More Sky Sounds- And of course there have been more reports of sky sounds this week.

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UFO Over Crest Woods in England-  There seems to have been a rather substantial UFO sighting in England this week.

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Portal to the Paranormal; Crowley, Parsons, Magic and Missles

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This is a tale about two men.  One a well known magician and cultist from the early 20th century.  The other a super genius of rocket science who is responsible for modern space exploration.  I’m talking of course of Alister Crowley and Jack Parsons.  What do these two man who at first glance could not be anymore different have in common?  Well for starters they may be responsible for bringing things into this world that we now consider paranormal.

Anyone even remotely interested in the paranormal has at least heard of Alister Crowley.  Crowley was born into a wealthy family on October 12th 1875.  He died at the age of 75 on December 1st 1947.  I could go on and on about Crowley’s many exploits but for the sake of this story I’m going to focus on one specific event.

In the year of 1918 beginning in January and continuing through March of that same year Crowley began The Amalantrah Working.  During these rituals Crowley claimed to have made contact with a being called Lam.  Lam is not really a single being but rather a type of being or possibly a race.  Crowley even unveiled a picture, which he said was a portrait of an actual interdimsional being at his Dead Souls Exhibition in 1919.  Crowley kept very quit about lam, however a few interested parties continued to seek out Lam and his secrets, by creating their own cults of Lam

Why does Lam spark so much interest?  Will if you haven’t looked at the picture yet Lam looks pretty much like a Grey.  Are people seeing aliens in the sky or begins summoned from another dimension?  There are certainly weirder explanations out there.

Where does Jack Parsons fit into all this.  Will not only was Parson’s a rocket scientist but also a believer in magic and a huge follower of Crowley, in fact Crowley himself chose Jack to lead one of his agape lodges of OTO in 1942.  Parson’s was born on October 2nd 1914.  Not only were Crowley and Parson’s both born in early October but they were both born into wealthy families.  Parson’s would grow up to become a brilliant scientist who would go on to invent solid rocket fuel the missing ingredient to space exploration.  Jack saw no quandaries to his love of science and magic he would even recite Crowley’s hymn to the greek god Pan.

Following in Crowley’s footsteps Parson started the Babylon Working, a continuation of Alister Crowley’s Amalantrah Working.  Along with is partner in magic L. Ron Hubbard (yep, that’s right) Parson’s started the working in March of 1946.  The purpose of this ritual was to summon Parson’s “Scarlet Woman” which would help him summon a Moon Child.  You can find out more about both of  these rituals there’s just to much to get into here.  What if Parsons did open a portal as Crowley did years earlier was he able to close it?  Some say no, he was not.  If he couldn’t or didn’t close it what or whom got through?

Alister Crowley died in 1947 of purposed respiratory infection.  Crowley’s doctor died a day later, rumor’s surfaced that the good doctor had cut crowley off of his morphine (which he had become somewhat addicted to) so Crowley put a curse on him.  Jack Parsons would leave this world on June 15th 1952 after a chemical explosion in his basement.  Parson’s death also sparked rumors of a magic ritual gone wrong or maybe suicide.

Did Crowley, his followers and Jack Parson’s open portals to another world?  And if they did, did these things get though? If so it would explain a great many things.  The time line of the modern Alien and ufo sightings does seem to match up.  Only a little over a year later Kenneth Arnold would have his famous sighting and then Roswell would break.  Shortly after the sci-fi wave would start and breed even more tales of strangeness some possibly with a grain of truth to them.  Of course a lot of hardcore researcher’s of UFO’s would turn there nose up at this story it is an angle the must be considered.  As I said in my post about cryptids a couple of weeks back in a world such as the paranormal where there are little answers,  you need all the angles you can get.


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