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Yet Another Bigfoot Body?

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So Rick Dyer finally got himself a real honest to god Bigfoot carcass… maybe.  If the name Rick Dyer sounds familiar to you there’s a reason for that.  Dyer is the guy (along with Tom Biscardi) who claimed to have had a dead Bigfoot in a freezer back in 2008.  Long story short it wasn’t a Bigfoot, it was an ape costume filled animal guts.  Dyer admitted to the hoax when he was found out, however he later said that men from the government came took the body and said to tell everyone it was hoax because it was a matter of national security (allegedly).   

dyer BF 1

Now years later Rick is back with another alleged Bigfoot body, this one has a name “Hank”.  Dyer now claims he shot this creature back in september of 2012.  He offered up now real evidence in the form of some (you guessed it) blurry video.  Now Dyer has released pictures of the body (now preserved by taxidermy) to the public.


As you can see the “body” doesn’t seem to be very consistent.  I can chalk the differences in the flesh tone up to lighting but fur really does seem to be different shades from picture to picture.  If you take a look at the video we see a few seconds of Dyer’s Bigfoot footage.  The creature in the video is supposed to be the one he shot then it doesn’t look that same at all.  The Bigfoot in the still pictures show a very hairy head with fur and heir covering most of the top of the head.  The Bigfoot in the video appears to have a much more of a forehead and the head the almost comes to a point.  I’m just no buying this, Dyer has just cried wolf too many times and quite frankly the gut filled ape suit looked more realistic then this newest… what ever the hell this thing is.  He says that he’s had it examined and the evidence is all there, but we’ve yet to see any of it.  My biggest question is why would wait a year and half and have the thing stuffed to show it?  If I had undeniable proof of Bigfoot i.e a big dead body I would driving straight form the woods to the nearest TV news station before the thing got cold.  Perhaps he’s worried the government would be back to once again steal his trophy?  I argue that the longer you hold onto the more risk you run getting it confiscated again(allegedly).  I say get it out there before anyone can do anything about it.  No I just can’t put much stock into it and I don’t think I’m alone.  If this does turn about to real then I’ll eat my hat and be as ecstatic as everyone else, also if it is real man does Bigfoot look stupid.



Ghost Towns #2: Pripyat, Chernobyl

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On April 26th 1986 reactor number four of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded after a large power surge.  The explosion sent off a chain of events that ended up covering the nearby town of Pripyet and much of the surrounding area in radioactive smoke.  It is known as the worst nuclear disaster of all time  and even to this day the area is still unsafe for human habitation.  However there might be other other things living in the shadow of the now abandoned power plant.

Many of us know the story of the Mothman and Point Pleasant West Virginia.  The Mothman was described as a large black humanoid with wings and pricing red eyes. Some say that the Mothman was some kind of harbinger of Doom.  Thirteen months to day after it was first seen Point Pleasent’s Silver bridge would collapse and fall into the Ohio River.  The people of Pripyet seem to have had a similar experience leading up to the Chernobyl disaster.  The Black Bird of Chernobyl resembled the Mothman in many ways.  It doesn’t seem to have been around for as long only a couple of weeks as opposed to a little over a year.  Wittiness report strange phone calls and nightmares both of which were prevalent in the Mothman reports.  The creature was sighted on and off for about two weeks leading up the accident.  It was reported to have been seen flying away from the power plant just before the explosion.

The town of Pripyet was built specifically for the workers of  the power station.  It’s composed of modest apartment blocks, a school, and a hospital The town even has a small fairground which was set to open on May 1st five days after the disaster occurred, it never opened.  Reports have said that disembodied voices and be heard around the fairgrounds and figures can sometime be seen on the rides.  Could these be the ghost of children that never got to rides those rides?  The school has much the same activity.  At night if you look into the windows of the apartment building shadowy figures can be seen darting about.

The area around the power plant even has reports of it’s own cryptid.  The Chernobyl  Kaptar is said to be a humanoid creature that has been mutated by the radiation, think of it like a mutated yeti.  Reports on this creature are sparse it might just be an urban legend, or something cooked up by the authorities to keep people out of the contaminated zone. Or maybe the Kaptar and the Black Bird of Chernobyl are one and the same?

If you feel like visiting Pripyet it’s not going to be easy.  You will need special permission after special permission, then make it through three check points and of course once you get there you must protect your self from the deadly radiation with radiation suits and all sorts of meters and detecters.  However if you do let me know how it went.


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*New Roundup* Feb 8th 2012

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UFO or Meteor Caught on Texas Police Camera: Is it an alien spacecraft or a meteor on camera.  It does seem very bright but the downward trajectory makes me think meteor,or a UFO in the process of crashing.

Iceland Worm Monster:  Some odd video footage has surfaced of an legendary worm monster in Iceland.  I’m not sure were I really stand on this, it looks organic and it is going against the current.  What do you think.

A Wooly Mammoth?:  I’m pretty sure it’s a bear with a fish in it’s mouth but I could be wrong.

Ohio Grassman Photo:  This one is interesting a picture from a trail cam (albeit a very blurry picture) seems to have caught a bipedal creature in Ohio.  It could be any number of things we’ll just have to wait and see.

Demon Photo: I think this is a photoshop job, but it’s a good one take a look and see what you think

Mystery of Life Solved!:  … however no one can understand a word of the 105 page paper.

Close to Existence; The Orang Pendek

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There are many cryptids out there.  Some seem to be so far out there they are hard to believe.  However others seem to be a few on  the tipping point of being discovered.  One of those creatures is the fabled Orang Pendek.

The Orang Pendek is said to be a small humanoid creature which resembles Sasquatch, only shorter.  The creature resides on the island of Sumatra near Indonesia.  It is said to only be a few feet tall, bipedal and covered in short brown or grey fur.  It is mostly herbivorous feeding on mostly plants, nuts, and fruits.

The Orang Penkek may not be myth however.  In recent years there has been a plethora of hair, feces, footprints and other evidence of it’s existence.  This is all due to a few intrepid explorers such as Debbie Martyr, Dr. Peter Tse.  However the person I want to touch on is Adam Davies.  Adam Davies has searched for not only the Orang Pendek but other cryptids as well.  His main focus remains on the Orang Pendek, and every year he gets a little closer.  Adam is currently awaiting to get evidence tested for DNA which he hopes will result in definite proof of the Orang Pendek.  My hopes are with him and his search.  Check him out on the newest episode of B.O.A Audio

But what could the Orang Pendek be?  Many say it’s like a little bigfoot but is it.  Perhaps it will just a new kind of ape or monkey.  Even if it turns out to be none more then a monkey I would be ok with that and if it’s something more I would really be ok with that.


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