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Yet Another Bigfoot Body?

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So Rick Dyer finally got himself a real honest to god Bigfoot carcass… maybe.  If the name Rick Dyer sounds familiar to you there’s a reason for that.  Dyer is the guy (along with Tom Biscardi) who claimed to have had a dead Bigfoot in a freezer back in 2008.  Long story short it wasn’t a Bigfoot, it was an ape costume filled animal guts.  Dyer admitted to the hoax when he was found out, however he later said that men from the government came took the body and said to tell everyone it was hoax because it was a matter of national security (allegedly).   

dyer BF 1

Now years later Rick is back with another alleged Bigfoot body, this one has a name “Hank”.  Dyer now claims he shot this creature back in september of 2012.  He offered up now real evidence in the form of some (you guessed it) blurry video.  Now Dyer has released pictures of the body (now preserved by taxidermy) to the public.


As you can see the “body” doesn’t seem to be very consistent.  I can chalk the differences in the flesh tone up to lighting but fur really does seem to be different shades from picture to picture.  If you take a look at the video we see a few seconds of Dyer’s Bigfoot footage.  The creature in the video is supposed to be the one he shot then it doesn’t look that same at all.  The Bigfoot in the still pictures show a very hairy head with fur and heir covering most of the top of the head.  The Bigfoot in the video appears to have a much more of a forehead and the head the almost comes to a point.  I’m just no buying this, Dyer has just cried wolf too many times and quite frankly the gut filled ape suit looked more realistic then this newest… what ever the hell this thing is.  He says that he’s had it examined and the evidence is all there, but we’ve yet to see any of it.  My biggest question is why would wait a year and half and have the thing stuffed to show it?  If I had undeniable proof of Bigfoot i.e a big dead body I would driving straight form the woods to the nearest TV news station before the thing got cold.  Perhaps he’s worried the government would be back to once again steal his trophy?  I argue that the longer you hold onto the more risk you run getting it confiscated again(allegedly).  I say get it out there before anyone can do anything about it.  No I just can’t put much stock into it and I don’t think I’m alone.  If this does turn about to real then I’ll eat my hat and be as ecstatic as everyone else, also if it is real man does Bigfoot look stupid.



Man Made Monsters; Golems, Tulpas, and Thought Forms

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There’s a synagogue in Prague.  It’s referred to as the New Old Synagogue.  What’s so interesting about this place you may ask?  Other then it’s the oldest functioning synagogue, there are people out there that well tell you that a golem’s lifeless body lies in the attic.  It’s an interesting story to say the least.

In the year 1580 a Priest by the name of Taddeush was planning to blame jewish people of “ritual murder”.  Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel got wind of the rumors and decided to do something about it.  The Rabbi asked for help in the form of a dream question. He got his answer.  Rabbi Loew was to make a golem out of clay, to destroy his enemies.  Rabbi Loew and two assistants a pupil and his son-in-law.  The three men made preparations and sculpted a giant body our of clay from the river bed of the  River Moldau.  Using specific rituals they brought the clay form to life.  The golem seemed to have accomplished his mission.  When the creature was no longer needed (or perhaps the golem  become unruly and had to be dealt with) Rabbi Loew took the golem to the attic of the synogogue and reversed the ritual.

Why it is a great story and indeed no one seems to be allowed to go into the attic (not even the Nazi’s would go up there) did it actually happen that way.  It’s a legend and maybe the only way to know for sure is to get up in that fables attic.  However making a creature out of clay is not the only way to make a monster.  Sometimes you can just think it.

You watch a movie about a large werewolf terrorizing small town.  That night you go to do bed and the only thing you can think of is that wolf.  It’s stuck in your mind and it’s all you can think of for days.  After maybe a week or so a story from a nearby town about a werewolf stalking about starts making the rounds.  This is pretty much a Tulpa.  A Tulpa or thought form  is something created by pure concentration.  It is said by just concentrating hard enough you can manifest anything just by thinking about it.  And I believe to a point thats true.  I’ve never manifested a cryptid but there have been times when I imagined scenarios the ended up happening.  For example I used to deliver pizza while I went to school.  A year or so after graduating I delivered a pizza to a large local business and though “I wonder if they have any need for graphic design around here”.  I wondering about it off and on for a couple of weeks and low and behold I now work there.

The concept of a tulpa derives from Tibet.  Tibetan monks seem to be the first people who perfected the art of the tulpa.  The concept made it’s way to the west in the 19th century after Alexandra David-Neel claimed to have manifested a monk who later grew a mind of his own and later had to be destroyed.

The concept of a thought form would be an intriguing way to explain so many paranormal topics.  Do people see Bigfoot because they do nothing but think about Bigfoot and so perhaps the manifest the creature it self.  Could the same be said about UFO’s or even ghost?  It might just be a little to good of an explanation.

Just promise me this if you try to make your very own tulpa don’t make anything to scary.

*New Roundup* Feb 8th 2012

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UFO or Meteor Caught on Texas Police Camera: Is it an alien spacecraft or a meteor on camera.  It does seem very bright but the downward trajectory makes me think meteor,or a UFO in the process of crashing.

Iceland Worm Monster:  Some odd video footage has surfaced of an legendary worm monster in Iceland.  I’m not sure were I really stand on this, it looks organic and it is going against the current.  What do you think.

A Wooly Mammoth?:  I’m pretty sure it’s a bear with a fish in it’s mouth but I could be wrong.

Ohio Grassman Photo:  This one is interesting a picture from a trail cam (albeit a very blurry picture) seems to have caught a bipedal creature in Ohio.  It could be any number of things we’ll just have to wait and see.

Demon Photo: I think this is a photoshop job, but it’s a good one take a look and see what you think

Mystery of Life Solved!:  … however no one can understand a word of the 105 page paper.

Review: Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

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This doc has been out for awhile and I remember hearing about it.  It popped up on Netflix so last night I gave it a watch.  It’s a tale of two southern Ohio men who claim to have over 150 pictures of Bigfoot.  The doc showcases their lives and friendship focusing on one event, a radio interview with the help of Tom Biscardi (think of him what you will).  I don’t’ want to get to much into it so I don’t spoil it.  The film can be quite slow at times even though it’s only an hour or so long.  What I dug about this doc is you want to watch so you can get a few chuckles out these characters (I have nothing against Bigfoot researchers but these guys are something else).  But you end up pulling for them in a way hoping that maybe someday they might get the recognition they are looking for.  Like I said it’s a little slow and low budget but it’s worth an hour of your time.

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