Ghost Vs. Shadow People

sp1.jpgOk, the first thing i want to say here is i’m not a religious person at all but I belive in ghosts. Why, you might ask? Because I’ve seen to much evidence that makes me think there’s something to it. Now rather that it’s just energy left over, another dimension or zero point energy i don’t know.

Wanna hear my take on it, of course you do that’s why your hear right? Whenever I hear about ghosts I hear about energy. Now our bodies are made off a lot of things including energy (electrical charges, Brain and Nervous Synapses and others). It’s stated that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transfered then where does all this energy go when our body isn’t there any more? I believe that some of us have more energy then other and also different kinds that are powerful enough to stay behind hence ghost.

I also like the zero point energy field theory. I’m going to try to explain this the best I can. The zero point energy field is a quantum physics theory stating that everything the has been, is, and well be is all contained in one energy field and this energy comes and goes from this field. The ghost theory says that there are “leaks” in the zero point field from the past or even the future and thats what we are seeing when we see a “ghost”. I won’t get to much in this because I’ll just butcher all the information, I kind of like this because somehow people have proven that zero point energy does exist. There is a good book out there all about this if I peeked anyone’s interest it’s called PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena by Marie D Jones ( Also Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters have done a podcast on it which is a very interesting listen.

Now onto shadow people. I’ve noticed that shadow people have become kind of their own different thing, I always thought that shadow people were ghost and ghost were shadow people (and thats what i actually do believe). A lot of people think that they are not ghost but from other dimensions, aliens, or even demons and a whole lot of really out there ideas. Shadow people are said to be at times to not even have a shape to them. A lot of reports say that they can be more menacing then just your normal ghost.

Me, I don’t really think theres a difference between shadow people and ghost. The reason why, every real good piece of evidence rather it be a picture or a video of a ghost I’ve never seen any color about them. the real good ones, the believable ones are always black, white, or shades of gray. I think that when someone sees a ghost there mind is trying to make a little sense of it and it just fills in the blanks. For example you go to Gettysburg and see a ghost in an area where it believed a confederate soldier is seen then your mind goes confederate soldier and fills in the cloths and what not. Now I’m not saying that ghost are in any way a figment of your imagination just that the mind tries to help you make sense of the humanoid figure in front of you.

Thats all I got tonight I’m sure I will expand on it in the next few days.


One Response to “Ghost Vs. Shadow People”

  1. Julieann Says:

    I have seen a ghost and 3 shadow people at the same time and trust me, they are very different entities. It took place last summer at dusk. I was sitting on the couch looking at a magazine and facing the garage door. My husband came in and said he was going to take a quick shower before we went out to dinner. I sat there for approx. 5 minutes and I saw what I thought was my husband come around the corner and go out the garage door. I saw a dark haired man with jeans and a white T-shirt. I was in the process of calling out to him and was stunned into silence. Just a few seconds after seeing the figure I saw 3 very dark 3 dimentional figures turn the corner. They were talking amongst themselves with their backs slightly turnerd in my direction. They made no notice of me and I did not hear a sound. However, I just knew they werwe following and discussing the ghjost that had just exited through the garage door. I felt that the ghost was unawarte of these dark figures aznd they seemed quite sinister and negative. I was frozen in fright for a few moments while I tried to process what I just saw. I composed myself and ran up the stairs and told my husband. I had never heard of or seen a shadow person until this day. I will never forget this frightening experience as long as I live.

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