Ghost Theories (Updated 3/10/08)

*This part of the Para-View is under construction. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching lately and have decided to start a little project. I’ve come up with a few theories about ghosts and what they might and might not be I’m going to start posting my ideas and what they entail and hopefully flesh them out into something nice and tangible

I just want to say a couple of things about this page. First off most of this (if not all) is my own personal thinking, my intellectual property if you will, so I don’t mind if you read this and want to use it just get my permission first and give credit were credit is do. Also, this is an ongoing projects which will be added to and updated.


  • Spirit Theory
  • Energy Theory
  • Parallel Theory
  • Dimension Theory


I’m not going to get to much into this one for one main reason and it’s not my view on religion. This theory is the one that we all know it’s the one thats been around since ghost themselves.


“Energy cannot be created nor destroyed only transfered”

Thats it, thats the whole thing that got me thinking is that one line about energy. We have energy in our bodies everywhere rather it be chemical, electrical or something that we don’t know about yet. So where does that energy go, it has to be somewhere. Perhaps it goes into the ions and such floating around in the air and sticks around leaving an imprint of our past selves behind.

Quantum physics is all about tiny particles moving at amazing speeds. Everything is made of these 12 or so particles, you, me my computer, my car everything. What is in between these particles? Perhaps some sort of energy, perhaps ZPF(zero point energy field)? I’m not sure yet, I’ve got a couple of books on quantum physics and hope to new if there are spaces between particles and if there are what is it?


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