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Review: Dulce Base The Truth and Evidence from the Case Files of Gabe Valdez, by Greg Valdez

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20131020_TDT_L_UFO_1021_p1_300If your looking for a sensational book about super-secret bases that contain strange alien experiments and battles involving aliens and the military, then look elsewhere.  However if your looking for a an account of the events surrounding Dulce New Mexico in the 70’s and 80’s based on police reports and scientific evidence then this is the book for you.  The book is written by Greg Valdez and it follows the adventures of his farther, Gabe who at the time of all the Dulce craziness was the state police chief for the Dulce area.

The book starts off with Gabe’s investigation into strange cattle mutilations around the area.  More and more pile up and Gabe and a team of rancher’s, police and a scientist or two chase strange objects around in the night and perform experiments on the cattle to help determine what exactly what was going (the results may surprise you).  I personally enjoy the part where Mr. Valdez and a few police from the local reservation where chasing an odd bright object in the night sky.  The object seemed to be guessing their every move, almost as if  it was tapping into their radio chatter.  Because of this they decide to start speaking in their local Native American language and it seems to do the trick.  They were able to corner the thing but it still ended up slipping away.

Of course there’s more to the whole Dulce saga then some dead cattle and strange lights.  Enter Paul Bennewitz, Paul started poking around Dulce in the early 1980’s and his story has a book all it’s own (it’s called Project Beta by Greg Bishop, can you guess what my next review may be?). Paul quickly befriended Gabe Valdez and pointed out some fascinating things, sadly about 20% or so was complete disinformation fed to Bennewitz to lead him astray.  Greg states that if you take everything Bennewitz said and leave out anything that has anything to do with aliens then his info seems to be spot on.  Even though Paul’s life and mind were ruined because of what the massive disinformation campaign that was waged against him we were finding out now that he may not have been as crazy as he was made out to be.

These two subjects make up the meat of the book, most of the information on the base comes from Paul Bennewitz and blossoms from there.

What I like about Greg’s approach to the material is he didn’t have any preconceived notions about where it would leads (a problem with a lot of paranormal books).  He analysis his father’s notes, police reports, documents and other information and lets it take him where it takes him.  He didn’t twist and bend the facts to fit into some tale the he decided before hand was the truth.  I won’t get to much into it (if you want to know read the book) but it is not a crazy story about aliens battles and human experiments underground.  The conclusion he comes to is very down to earth but still very interesting and enjoyable.  This books also has a companion website which expands on the information with some of  documentation and photos, which is a great idea and a great way to fall further down the rabbit hole.  The book can be a bit dry at times (Greg will even forewarn you of  that a couple of times) and a couple of the chapters are very long.  It’s also easy to tell the Greg is not a writer, however that was not the point.  He  just wanted to get the information out there, he’s not out to make money and he’s not out to make a career of writing and I’m fine with that it was still a great read.  I did notice that  some of the information he stated in the book that would be featured on the website has not (at least when I was reading it) was not featured not the website.

Even though the book is not perfect it still contains so much great info on the Dulce story, and it’s all from actual documents and evidence, if Greg didn’t have something to back it up he didn’t put in in the book.  I definitely recommend this book, even though it can get technical at times you’ll breeze through and find yourself saying, “That makes a lot of sense” at the books end.  The website is a great resource even on it’s own without the book, but to get the most out of the two you really should read the book and give the website a visit.

Buy the book here

Visit the book’s companion website here


Review: UFO’s in Wartime by Mack Malony

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Looking for a good book on UFO’s then give this one a try.  Mack Malony is actual a fiction author who writes mainly stories about war and the military.  This is his first foray into the realm of esoteric and it’s a pretty good first effort.  At first glance it looks just like any other book about the famed Foo Fighters of world war II, and indeed they are in there but this book goes far beyond and even before WW II.  This book contains tons of UFO reports from the era of Constantine all the way up to Desert Storm.  Off course all the basics are here such as Roswell and Rendlesham forest but many are stories that you may have not heard before.  Including a sighting by the infamous Red Baron himself.  Now not all of the encounters are from the wars  per say but even if Mack is talking about the Cold War or just some other encounters they always have some sort of Military presence.  This book is just account after account of interesting UFO sightings form credible solders and higher up’s.  My only real complaint is that the eBook edition does not include any of the pictures that appear in the print version.  I know it can be done all of  Nick Redfern’s books that I’ve read on the Nook have their photos.  All and All a great read for any UFO or War nut out there.

Barns and Noble


Mack Malony’s Website 

Review: Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

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This doc has been out for awhile and I remember hearing about it.  It popped up on Netflix so last night I gave it a watch.  It’s a tale of two southern Ohio men who claim to have over 150 pictures of Bigfoot.  The doc showcases their lives and friendship focusing on one event, a radio interview with the help of Tom Biscardi (think of him what you will).  I don’t’ want to get to much into it so I don’t spoil it.  The film can be quite slow at times even though it’s only an hour or so long.  What I dug about this doc is you want to watch so you can get a few chuckles out these characters (I have nothing against Bigfoot researchers but these guys are something else).  But you end up pulling for them in a way hoping that maybe someday they might get the recognition they are looking for.  Like I said it’s a little slow and low budget but it’s worth an hour of your time.

Official Website

Reviews: Resurrect Dead and Eyes of the Mothman

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Thats’s right I have a duel review today.  I want to talk about two documentaries.  Both of these have been out for awhile but I’ve never gotten around to talking about them.

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles.

This doc is not paranormal per sey but it does revolve around a mystery that has been around for almost 30 years.  If you live in a major city espsceially on the east coast you may have noticed a strange tiles on city streets.  These tiles usually say something along the lines of “Toynbee Idea, in Kubricks 2001 resurrect dead on planet Jupiter”.  The tiles vary here and there and some even say completely different things.  I don’t want to give away to much about the Toynbee tiles because it will take a way from this doc.  That being said this is a great watch the guys in the film get together and go looking for answers and they find some.  It’s well shot and well exacuted.  The doc directed by Jon Foy it follows three young man as they track down the answers to the mysterious tiles that they see popping up in many major cities not just in the States but abroad as well.  You can rent or buy this doc on iTunes right now and I highly recommend it.

Resurrect Dead Website 

Eyes of the Mothman

This film has been out for some time and I posted on it back when it was getting ready to come out.  Well it’s on Netflix right now so I gave it a watch.

As you would expect it chronicles the strange happenings in Point Pleasant West Virginia in late ’67 and ’68.  I will say the doc starts out very slow (it’s two and half hours long) by giving us a detailed early history of Point Pleasant but some of it does come back into play.  My favorite part about the beginning is if you’re a fan Larry Miller’s podcast This Week with Larry Miller you might reconigize a certain march playing as a sound bed in the film at some point, but I digress.  Once the movie gets to the meat and potatoes of the mothman story it really takes off.  The film is full of interviews and witness accounts if you really want to know about the mothman and Point Pleasant then this film to watch.  Like I said it’s two and a half hours long with is pretty long for any documentry but don’t let that deter you once you settle in and get going you’ll be glad you watched.

Eyes of The Mothman Website

Review: Diaries Of The Dark Side by Cassidy O’Conner

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This is a book that everyone needs to read.  Diaries of The Dark Side by Cassidy O’Conner recounts the story of a family terrorized by their possessed grandson.  The book  (or at least the eBook) is only 99 pages but Cassidy packs a lot into those 99 pages.  She goes from how she became to be involved in the case, to the exposing the less then genuine paranormal investagators who wanted to use the family’s case only for monetary gain, all the way to the end of the whole ordeal.

There one thing to keep in mind while reading this book is that is not a blueprint for dealing with demons.  For that reason Cassidy leaves most of the nitty-gritty techniques and details out of the book.  She steresses many times that this is not a how-to book and for good reason.  In short, don’t meddle with what you don’t understand.  She also changes the names of everyone in the book and discloses no real locations, to insure the families privacy.

The story is that of Daniel a young boy who lives with his grandparents.  The family builds a new house on some property.  As soon as building begins things start to happen, accidents, suicides and deaths.  Then something seem to be having an odd effect on young Daniel.   He becomes incresingly  violent often exhibiting tremendous strength.  His pyshical appearance changes and he even eats paperclips, thats right a whole box.

Enter an investigation team to “help” the family, an they bring Cassidy along to help.  It soon becomes apparent that these guys (except Cassidy) our not doing this for the best intentions.  Don’t worry they get whats coming to them and Cassidy gets the family some real help.

I will say she writes a little differently at times then what a lot of people are used to (but then again how great can my writing be).  There are just time when she uses words not quite the way you would expect.  She also gets a little preachy for me at times, but to each their own we just have different views and it doesn’t deter my enjoyment any less.

Please pick up this book it’s not even six bucks and I’m pretty sure the proceeds go to help the boy the book is about.

Here are some links:

Black Oak Media Blog

Barnes and Nobel

Cassidy’s FaceBook

Review: Keep Out!, by Nick Redfern

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Nick Redfern has a new book out!  Entitled Keep Out!; Top Sercret Places the Government Doesn’t want You to Know About.  The book is mostly about all the top secret bases you’ve heard about and a lot you have not.  Of course Area 51 is in there and Wright Patt’s infamous hanger 18.  But that’s not all, Nick get’s into some of the more obscure one’s such as Parton Down in England and most of the world’s 2012 doomsday bunkers.

He cover’s a large number of not just bases but also dabbles in haunted mines and caves as well as the  London Underground.  Not exactly super secret bases but he makes it fit.  There is  one thing that always bugs me about books about the paranormal.  They always seem to have a big section of filler material that is very loosely related to the subject, just to take of space.  However Nick seems to find a way to stay on topic just when you think he’s about to go off the rails.

This book is also available as an Ebook straight out the gate, which makes me happy. I was able to get on my Nook and not have to wait around a couple of months for it to show up as a lot of paranormal books seem to do.  In fact it looks like all of Nick’s books have an Ebook format. Yay!

This book is a great read however you will burn threw it quickly it’s not that long.  Nick will keep you going along, you can’t wait to get to the next chapter to see what local he will be talking about next.  There are however a few places that I was surprised didn’t show up in this book, such as Plum Island, or even the Denver Airport.  Even without this few missing there’s plenty in this book that will soon have you on the internet looking for more information about many of these places.  Maybe that’s how you found your way here.

Here are some links if your looking for it:

Barnes and Noble

Final Events, by Nick Redfern

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I’m making my way through a great book right now.  It’s called Final Events, by Nick Redfern.  This book chronicals the events of a secret government think tank known as the Collins Elite.  The Collins Elite’s main goal is to resarch the link between the UFO phenomenon and demonic activity.  Yea, thats right they belive (the Collins Elite) that UFO’s and aliens are actually demons under the guise of aliens to lead us astray.  Now keep in mind that the views of the Collins Elite arn’t nesscessarly the views of ths blog (or probably Redfern’s for that matter) it’s just a great story, and a great read.

Do be warned this book does get pretty “out there” near the end (don’t get me started on Project Blue Beam) and gets very deep in the religious side of the Collins Elite, but once again Nick is just getting the story out there.

A lot of people are going to read a lot into this book especially the religious connotations.  However really in the end this is just another view what people are experiencing and what a group of quite frankly paranoid people inside our government have come to make of it all.

I would say if your into UFO’s this is definitely a book you need to read.  I don’t want to give to much of it away just know that Redfern doesn’t really state the belifes as fact he is merely reporting a story that he has researched, so don’t be scared off by his religious connotaions.  Pick up, read it, have fun with it.