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*News Roundup* April 7th 2012

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Almost Perfect Wholly Mammoth Discovered– A “young” mammoth’s body has been discovered in Siberia.

Black Panther Sighted in Michigan– A bit small but a panther none the less

UFO Closes Chinese Airport–  Not the first time.

A Second Roswell?– The daily grail has a very interesting story

Bigfoot Tracks in Russia– A new youtube video has surfaced.



*News Round-up* March 3rd 2012

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The Melissa Hovey Picture gets Some Expert Analysis–  We still don’t know but if it’s a hoax it the best one ever.

Not One Bigfoot Print but Over a 120 Prints– A Bigfoot gold mine has been found.

SETI Wants You to Help Search for Alien Life–  A new website well help us help SETI find life on other planets.

Spring-heeled Jack Returns– Has the infamous Spring-heeled Jack returned to England.

DVR Ghosts–  A women’s DVR catches odd voices and produces an interesting picturelpo-p

*News Round Up* Feb 25th 2012

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Destination Truth Producer Dies–  Was it just a drug overdose or is something more going on?

Faster then Light Experiment Explained–  Just a bad cable after all.

Sky Boom in Hawaii– Volcano or Sky sound?

Best Bigfoot Photo Ever?–  Could this be the Bigfoot photo evidence since the Patterson/Gimlin film?

*New Roundup* Feb 8th 2012

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UFO or Meteor Caught on Texas Police Camera: Is it an alien spacecraft or a meteor on camera.  It does seem very bright but the downward trajectory makes me think meteor,or a UFO in the process of crashing.

Iceland Worm Monster:  Some odd video footage has surfaced of an legendary worm monster in Iceland.  I’m not sure were I really stand on this, it looks organic and it is going against the current.  What do you think.

A Wooly Mammoth?:  I’m pretty sure it’s a bear with a fish in it’s mouth but I could be wrong.

Ohio Grassman Photo:  This one is interesting a picture from a trail cam (albeit a very blurry picture) seems to have caught a bipedal creature in Ohio.  It could be any number of things we’ll just have to wait and see.

Demon Photo: I think this is a photoshop job, but it’s a good one take a look and see what you think

Mystery of Life Solved!:  … however no one can understand a word of the 105 page paper.

*News Roundup* Jan 31 2012

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Energy Beam Erupts From Pyramid-  I’m not really sure what to make of this, one of the still pictures looks authentic but the video look like something that could have easily have been done in Adobe After effects.

Pyramid Beam

Strange Blue Gel- This one is rather odd.  An english man has found odd blue balls made of some sort of gel in his garden.  They look like something man made but as far as I can tell no one has identified them yet.

Blue Gel

UFO Wreckage in the Baltic…Again…Maybe-  Remember about a year or so ago there was a story about some diver find a round object sunk in the Baltic Sea.  Well they found another one and now the have permission to go and check them out.  Hopefully we will know what they are soon.

Baltic Sea UFO

Stonehenge Precusor-  It’s a bit of a long read but an interesting one.  An early prototype of Stonehenge may have been found.

Stonehenge Processor

Strange Sky Sounds-  The sky sounds go on just as strong as last week and the week before

Strange Sky Sounds

*News Round-up* Jan 25th 2012

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Man Claims Ghost Punched his Wife- Or so he says, paranormal investigators (and me) aren’t quite convinced.

Ghost Punch Story

Lots of UFO Sightings Flood Early 2012- There seems to be an awful lot of UFO sightings to kick off the year.

UFO Sigthings

Russian Scientist Say There is LIfe on Venus- Scientist in Russia say they have evidence of life on Venus from a 30 year old photo


More Sky Sounds- And of course there have been more reports of sky sounds this week.

Sky Sounds 

UFO Over Crest Woods in England-  There seems to have been a rather substantial UFO sighting in England this week.

Crest Wood UFO 

*News Round-Up* Jan 16th 2012

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Cattle Mutaltion Near Kansas City-  There’s been a rather odd animal mutaltion has occurred in Northland Kansas.

Cattle Story Link 

Strange Sky Sounds Plague Costa Rica-  Loud bangs and strange hums could be heard all over Costa Rica last week.  Many explanations have been given from fireworks to planes but none of the quite fit.

Costa Rica Link 1

Costa Rica Link 2

Even More Strange Sky Sounds in Demmark

It must be the week for weird noises in the sky.  People in Denmark are also hearing things above their heads.

Denmark Sky Sounds Link

It’s Raining Fish in the Philippines-  A rainstorm full of small fish was let loose Agusan del Sur Sunday.

Raining Fish Link