About Me

004.jpgYou know I just realized that I’ve never really introduced myself.

My name is Fred and I’m a recent graduate of ITT Tech in Visual Communications.  I work in live in Troy, Ohio with my fiancé Heather and our dog Toro.  I’m 28 years old, pretty close to 29.

My views on the paranormal very and some are quite different then what most people think.  I may not believe in everything that shows up on this blog but I do love a good story and just want to bring interesting bits of the paranormal to light.

The blog does have an email address it’s paraviewblog@gmail.com if you want to drop a line.



4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Thanks so much for the great review of my book, PSIENCE! I really appreciate it. If you wouldn’t mind, could you post it on Amazon.com?
    It was a pleasant surprise to see this in my inbox this morning. Thanks again and I will keep you posted on what I am doing now. Have a book coming out about the 2012 enigma, then one on mysterious numbers and sequences, then two ghosthunting California books.
    Take care, Fred!!!

  2. Hello Fred,

    Today I saw your article about ”ghost vs shadow people” and I find this a real interesting subject. I’m a big fan of horror movies (especially ghost stories), and I’m looking for movies that features shadow people.
    Do you know good movies with shadow people in it? The only thing that I can think of is a documentary called ”Spooked – the ghosts of Waverly hills sanatorium” (2006). I saw a lot of ghost movies, but the ghosts were mostly played by people. I find it way more creepier when the ghosts are shadows instead of people. I also saw a BBC documentary called ”Ghostwatch” (1992), about ghosts (not shadow people) that was pretty good. If you know something similar to that then it’s ok too.
    You should check that one if you haven’t seen it yet, but make sure you don’t read something about it before watching it.
    I hope you can help me out.

    Kind regards,

    Marcin Dusziak

    • I’m not sure, let me rack my brain I’m sure I’ve seen some movies. I’ll get back to you.

      • Ok, thank you. I forgot to mention that I also saw the tv serie ‘Ghost adventures’, some of the episodes had shadow apparitions in it. I recommend you to give it try if you haven’t seen this show, it’s pretty creepy sometimes (at least if you keep telling yourself that it’s all real). Thanks again for looking out for me.

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