The Paranormal: Do Some Really Want Answers?


I want to start off by talking about a little show called Twin Peaks.  For those who have never heard of the show (shame on you) it was an hour long show that ran for two seasons in 1990 and ’91.  It was created about by film maker and director David Lynch.  It was about the murder of a high school girl, Laura Palmer who live in a small yet strange town.  Why do I bring up this odd yet wonderful show?  Because even though this show was barley on T.V. and was on over twenty years ago it still has a devout fan base (I’m one of them).   The fandom of the show has lasted this long because of all the loose ends and mysteries the show left behind.  Who was Bob? What was the Red Room?  Will the gum the Agent Cooper likes really come back in style next year (it’ll be 25 years)?    These are just a few of those questions that have yet to be answered.  It’s those questions that keep people coming back and have for the past 24 years.  However, what would happen if Lynch decided to make a movie or a new series to explain everything.  We’ll then that’s it, all the fun is over, nothing more to dwell on, nothing more to argue with friends over.

That in a nut shell is what I feel a lot of people in the paranormal also think.  Do all these Bigfoot hunters really want to find Bigfoot?  Let’s say, for the sake of argument that Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot turns out to be the real thing and,  all it is is a highly endangered species of ape.  All of those books and TV shows and blogs would be gone.  It would take all the fun out of it wouldn’t it?  It seems to me that a lot of people especially in the UFO and Bigfoot communities just want to keep falling down the rabbit hole.  Other people might say it’s not just the fun of a good mystery, it’s the promise of books, TV shows, and money prolonging the real journey to finding answers.  After-all the money’s in the medicine not the cure.  I’m not sure I really by into that, every podcast I listen too all I every hear is how the guest never makes to much money from his books or lectures.  No I think unless you land a show (or your David Icke) your not getting rich off the paranormal.

I for one do love a mystery and will tumble down rabbit holes all night long.  That being said I also enjoy seeing all the loose ends tied up, the solving of a puzzle is the climax to the novel, it’s the release.  Why not solve the mysteries so that we can move on to new ones?  If the Orang Pendek turns out to just be a new monkey, or if our government really does have a few Alien bodies under Wright-Patterson Air Force Base I’d be ok with that.


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