Yet Another Bigfoot Body?


So Rick Dyer finally got himself a real honest to god Bigfoot carcass… maybe.  If the name Rick Dyer sounds familiar to you there’s a reason for that.  Dyer is the guy (along with Tom Biscardi) who claimed to have had a dead Bigfoot in a freezer back in 2008.  Long story short it wasn’t a Bigfoot, it was an ape costume filled animal guts.  Dyer admitted to the hoax when he was found out, however he later said that men from the government came took the body and said to tell everyone it was hoax because it was a matter of national security (allegedly).   

dyer BF 1

Now years later Rick is back with another alleged Bigfoot body, this one has a name “Hank”.  Dyer now claims he shot this creature back in september of 2012.  He offered up now real evidence in the form of some (you guessed it) blurry video.  Now Dyer has released pictures of the body (now preserved by taxidermy) to the public.


As you can see the “body” doesn’t seem to be very consistent.  I can chalk the differences in the flesh tone up to lighting but fur really does seem to be different shades from picture to picture.  If you take a look at the video we see a few seconds of Dyer’s Bigfoot footage.  The creature in the video is supposed to be the one he shot then it doesn’t look that same at all.  The Bigfoot in the still pictures show a very hairy head with fur and heir covering most of the top of the head.  The Bigfoot in the video appears to have a much more of a forehead and the head the almost comes to a point.  I’m just no buying this, Dyer has just cried wolf too many times and quite frankly the gut filled ape suit looked more realistic then this newest… what ever the hell this thing is.  He says that he’s had it examined and the evidence is all there, but we’ve yet to see any of it.  My biggest question is why would wait a year and half and have the thing stuffed to show it?  If I had undeniable proof of Bigfoot i.e a big dead body I would driving straight form the woods to the nearest TV news station before the thing got cold.  Perhaps he’s worried the government would be back to once again steal his trophy?  I argue that the longer you hold onto the more risk you run getting it confiscated again(allegedly).  I say get it out there before anyone can do anything about it.  No I just can’t put much stock into it and I don’t think I’m alone.  If this does turn about to real then I’ll eat my hat and be as ecstatic as everyone else, also if it is real man does Bigfoot look stupid.



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