Review: UFO’s in Wartime by Mack Malony


Looking for a good book on UFO’s then give this one a try.  Mack Malony is actual a fiction author who writes mainly stories about war and the military.  This is his first foray into the realm of esoteric and it’s a pretty good first effort.  At first glance it looks just like any other book about the famed Foo Fighters of world war II, and indeed they are in there but this book goes far beyond and even before WW II.  This book contains tons of UFO reports from the era of Constantine all the way up to Desert Storm.  Off course all the basics are here such as Roswell and Rendlesham forest but many are stories that you may have not heard before.  Including a sighting by the infamous Red Baron himself.  Now not all of the encounters are from the wars  per say but even if Mack is talking about the Cold War or just some other encounters they always have some sort of Military presence.  This book is just account after account of interesting UFO sightings form credible solders and higher up’s.  My only real complaint is that the eBook edition does not include any of the pictures that appear in the print version.  I know it can be done all of  Nick Redfern’s books that I’ve read on the Nook have their photos.  All and All a great read for any UFO or War nut out there.

Barns and Noble


Mack Malony’s Website 


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