The Darkness in the Room; Delving into Shadow People


Your in your bedroom, a place were you feel safe. Suddenly you wake with the realization that you can’t move. You can move your eyes around maybe tilt your head, just a little bit. Then you can see it just in the corner of your eye. A tall black being it may look like the shadow of a person or perhaps black smoke swirling in the shape of a human. The thing moves toward were you are sleeping, it crawls on your bed and then on top of you draining you of energy. This experience may only last a few minutes but to the people who have gone through such a thing, three minutes is a lifetime.

There are many names for this phenomena, sleep paralysis, old hag syndrome, but most people just refer to the frightening beings they see the shadow people. I wrote a post awhile back about the difference between ghost and shadow people and did a pretty lousy job going about it. I seemed to have totally missed the point of shadow people and what they could do. I’m here to retify that and put forth a much better article.

Shadow people do not seem to be mere ghost, no they are much more. I’ve always thought that what ever ghost were they couldn’t harm you, shadow beings seem to be different. Some appear to be pretty nasty, it is reported that they will hold you down by sitting on your chest and then seem to syphon the very energy from your body. There have also been reports of more shy or skittish shadow people perhaps these guys are still working up the nerve to steal your energy.

But what exactly could these things be if not ghost (what are ghost for that matter). Let’s take a look at the different types of shadow being’s that have been seen. There is of course just your basic run of the mill people shaped beings. They just look like someone’s shadow. In some cases these basic shadow beings have taken the form of a familiar friend or family member.  Some off the more frightening ones may even appear as a mist or black smoke.  Even though these basic beings may not be the meanest looking things out there, don’t be fooled. Some of these beings also wear hats. In most cases it appears to a fedora or wide brim hat.  These guys seem to be more curious then anything else and are not as threading.  Some of these beings appear with red eyes.  Of course the red eyed shadow people are said to be the embodiment of pure evil.  There have even been reports of shadow animals.

Some of these be beings may just peer around corners or hide in the shadows but some these things seem for more interested in us.  The phenomenon known as sleep paralysis is pretty much described as what I had in the first paragraph.  Victims of SP wake up from sleep, not as slow wake but a sudden jolt and they seem to be almost fully  awake.  The person can barely move, just their eyes and possibly a little movement.  Somehow these beings seem to be the cause of SP using to steal (some say) the victims life energy.  The paralysis usually only last a few minutes and occurs in a person’s early twenties.

But what are these things.  As I stated before I don’t believe them to be what we think of as ghost.  One theory suggest that these shadow beings are some type of demon or demons.  It would be interesting to find out if there are any correlation between a shadow person encounter and possible possession.  Could these beings be after more then just your energy perhaps if given the chance they will take your whole body.  Another idea is that shadow people might be things from another dimension.  Is so are they aware of us?  And how does SP fit into their methods?  The sometimes sinister methods of shadow people make me wonder what kind messed up dimension they are living in.  Could shadow people be aliens?  There are a few different ways to look at this.  Are the shadow people themselves visitors from another world, or just something that aliens project to cover their tracks?  Maybe the shadow people are just thoughts projected into the heads of people who have had SP.  These people could have been victims of foulplay of aliens and not even know it. They say that sleep paralysis only last a few minuets but perhaps it last longer and only feels like a minute or too.  It certainly is food for thought.

If anyone out there has an experience with sleep paralysis of a shadow person encounter I would like to hear about it.  Write me at or leave it as comment.  Maybe we can investigate it further and see whats going on.



5 Responses to “The Darkness in the Room; Delving into Shadow People”

  1. Hiya. I’ve had a couple of encounters with these beings. One was a shared experience too which gives me more clues. They didn’t feel threatening at all actually, except for the uncomfortable feeling anyone might get finding someone uninvited standing in their bedroom at night. Also I wasn’t paralysised either on one of the occassions,so it wasn’t sleep paralysis. I’m very interested too in finding out more about this phenomenom. I’ve written my experiences up on my blog.

  2. fknoop24 Says:

    I read your post on your blog. I find it very interesting that both of you saw it, I wonder just how long it was there? Did it do anything? Any movements or did just stand there?

  3. Thanks for having a look. The best thing about the hatman experience was the fact my girlfriend saw it too, and not when I saw it either. She woke up at another point during the night to see it still standing there.
    No it didn’t move, although I never gave it much of a chance to be honest. Being such a coward! I really regret not interacting with it. The next time it happened, the other blog post “Avebury Circle,shadow people and sleep paralysis”, I couldn’t interact, obviously because I was paralysised, and 6 of the “beings” checked me out. It never felt evil though, just curious.
    It’s easy to think it had an objective reality, seeing how the girlfriend saw it, but part of me still thinks it may have been some kind of unconscious projection from my mind, making it no less mysterious. I am open to all possibilities on this subject though.
    I wonder about “Tulpas” A thought-form of mine. As I understand it, it is possible for other people to see someone elses tulpa, if it has enough energy to prolong itself.
    I’m right on the edge of…not knowing what I’m talking about.. 🙂 As I have only just started looking into Tulpas and thought-forms. I don’t understand though why I would project that particular image of a man in a massive hat, as I/we were completely unaware of the hatman phenomenem. Hopefully soon I will know a little more….or be even more confused.

  4. I been encounted with only a few…. One time i was 15 n was very sick with tonsilitis n i was sick in bed i woke up in the middle of the night hearing my tv got staticy n loose its signal. So i got up to turn my tc off laid in bed n was almost about to go to sleep when i was choked by something unknown but i couldnt see n e thing but i felt my bed move the hand over my throat n me being choked then it let go n I laid down all niggr scared to fall back to sleep….
    Again just 2 yrs ago I was sleeping n go woken up to seeing something staring down at me but was sittin on my edge of my bed it was a dark figure with lines going threw it swiring around the outline of its figure… I wasn’t scared I was more interested I felt my self prop up n to lean closer to get a better glance I even remember blinking n thinking to my self “what the heck is this?” And then it lifted it hand up to to air n pointed its index finger up n moved it left to right like it was tellin me “no”!!! Then I began to fell my throat move like if I was speaking to it but my ears felt like if it was being covered or plugged.. I can slightly here what I was saying n it sounded like tounge or a language I nvr heard ( wen ur underwater n hearing someone talk was how close I was to hearing my voice speak)… then it stopped n I looked over to my right n right threw my wall I seen a boar or ugly black n brownish color pig looking thing wall threw my wall towards the hall way towards the living room … then the shadow figure was gone!!! N the boar!!!

  5. I have many in my life, all very decitful. Ive kinda thought it to be a government program because of them writting fbi cia,ect on things but truth be told their decitfull. Theres typically drones/satelitghts around one the size of an 18 wheeler that has hovered next to my house putting out a fog/gas and holigraphic images. I could go on for hours. if you want to talk, message me and ill give you my number.

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