More Strange Happinings in Oshawa Canada

There seem’s to be a bit more going on in Oshawa then just strange sky sounds.  Last week there were reports of an odd light in the sky.  Reports came into the Durham News Radio.  First there was a sky sound, then what seemed like sorry cover up and now lights.  Could it have been a meteor?  Perhaps but according to the small article put up by Durham News Radio, there should have been no meteors or anything like that on this given night.

If you do a search on UFO’s and Oshawa you will find that this is not the first time that UFO’s have been seen in the area.  Have strange sounds been prevalent as well?  It would be interesting to find out, perhaps they were not reported as heavily back 2004.  I know this a short post but I felt I needed to do an update on the latest from Oshawa Canada.

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  1. Paul Shishis Says:

    Certainly been a~buzz in Oshawa since 2003

  2. Paul Shishis Says:

    Here’s a ‘new’ phenomenon to see happening
    Speaking UFO’s

    Strange suitcases that hum and can’t be moved on beaches

    A new twist to pack -up!

  3. Paul Shishis Says:

    My observations of the ‘ strange ‘ in Oshawa on arrival

    Back 1997 April 1st I moved into Oshawa with my family from Scarborough,Ontario

    Same time as the Hal-Bopp

    Remember Phoenix Lights March 13,1997- Spectacular

    On August 2nd,2002 while at camp at the Sandbanks with family.
    At about near 2:30am

    I witnessed and signalled my ninth UFO sighting since 1967.

    Then in 2003
    I noticed many power outages in Oshawa Jan – April 2003
    Most were quick power outages- just a flashing clock.
    Sometimes much longer – over one hour
    Whitby also had it’s share

    I had witnessed my next UFO sighting in Scarborough March 3rd 2003 just after 12:00pm

    This incredible sighting was a change in month of previous sightings
    All previous were witnessed only in the month of August.

    2003 – I had witnessed 16 UFO sightings
    14 were daylights
    Added by having 18 witnesses to about half of the sightings
    Most were different from one another

    Most were close encounters including a flying snake at camp
    August 7th 2003 at about 1:00am

    Further , on August 14th 2003
    Massive power ouatge along the eastern seaboard
    Many UFO ‘s were witnessed – I saw one that night Oshawa

    Last time that happened November 9th 1965

    It said many UFO sighting occurred again in the black out areas
    Canada /USA

    During 2003
    Many countries around the world experienced massive power outages as like the eastern seaboard that August 14,2003 at 4:11pm est.

    Many people were witnessing UFO’s worldwide
    When Earth and Mars were at their closest point in 60,000yrs
    Closet would be August 27th 2003.
    I witnessed a ‘wave ‘ of white light goes around the sky west to east at 1:00am like a scanner- 1 witness

    The sightings continued to be counted in Oshawa/Scarborough camp to present over 250 sightings today.

    I have over 200 witnesses and others whom I’ve brought this attention to :
    Some would later have their first sighting
    Some more than once – so it spreads ~*~

    On March 11,2007 there was a green meteor sighted over Ontario.

    After the event above in the sky
    a UFO FLAP emerged in Ontario
    many in Oshawa /Whitby Ajax area

    There have been so many signs and symptoms that something’s up in our neighborhoods.

    As said UFO——U—Find—-Out

    Here’s where any investigator can start by the statistics of reports given by 1000’s

  4. Paul Shishis Says:

    Unknown HUGE object filmed over Toronto Feb 14,2012
    Similar type object filmed Netherlands Jan 29th 2012


    You be the judge

    This is a STRANGE coincidence

    I just found this one from Toronto
    It well may be a CGI

    There timing on the date Feb.14,2012 –yesterday

    Yesterday – there was a very loud sound over my work roof near 3:00pm
    I ran outside when I heard it to see what kind of aircraft making that very loud sound.

    Watched a very loud all ‘orange’ large helicopter come out of the clouds from the south.
    This was just a couple of hundred yards where I stood.
    It hooked over behind my workplace as if to land.
    I have no idea in reasoning by it’s maneuvers and very low attitude .
    Sky conditions –low clouds partial snow
    A trucker later told me –he noticed it strange.

    Now with this Mother ship clip surfaces on the same date –Feb 14th

    Find the timing funny and strange

    Added I just found out another same type in Europe==copycat ?

    Wonder what pops up next ?

    Feb 18

  5. Paul Shishis Says:

    Here is ‘ some ‘ of Oshawa’s UFO history >>>

  6. NEW Ancient UFO-DISCLOSURE Artifacts Revealed!!!

    Art ~I ~ FACTS of the past….

  7. Paul Shishis Says:

    UFO Triangle Sightings In Ontario

    To those interested in the statistics of locations and dates

    Please note Oshawa ‘s recent reports and diagram

  8. Paul Shishis Says:

    History of UFO Sightings in your backyard

    Excellent data sourcing in stats for interested patterns

  9. Paul Shishis Says:

    UFO Witnessed and film in Oshawa FEB 28TH 2012 AT 7:18AM

    • fknoop24 Says:

      Paul, there seem to be people googling you. I have 4 search engine search for your name. You seem to be gaining some popularity.

      • Paul Shishis Says:

        Time to come out of closET FKNOOP 24

        It’s a lifetime story of paranormal that has lead me to TRUTH today.

        i realized many things that ordinary people don’t see or know truly their surroundings.
        This is no joke -as I have been approached by large media networks.

        One must walk carefully on this knowledge.
        As it’s not in the best interests to .01 % of the population THAT RULES OVER YOU.

        I have deliberty have left a trail about my experiences and the real world we reside in.

        A host held hostage in a hostile world.

        What has been posted by many different sites through the recent years.
        Needs to be shared to ALL my human family

        I dare to share because I care what of family MUST come to know.

        Please remember :

        Every human bares a unique gift that most are unware of possessing.

        Unfortunately world is designed to be divided in order to rule you.

        This is very Geopolitical in nature.

        If you have not watched these documentaries

        It’s time to shut the BOOB Tube off learn your world as it truly has become.

        I could spend a month typing to tell you everything.

        Here is some shocking clips in helping understand.

        Please feel free to ask any questions after you watch these.

        This is just the introduction.

        More to follow….

        Remember it’s all in he art that resides in your shell around it *

      • Paul Michael Says:

        I’m a Stranger Here

        It’s Time to TALK

        LOVE Walks In

        Music was brought to this planET back from the Sumerians
        7,500 BC

  10. Paul Shishis Says:

    Threats to Human Freedom

    Enjoy the research of your world

  11. Paul Shishis Says:

    Canada’s ex-Minister of DEFENCE

    Paul Hellyer’s disclosure

    Believe it *

  12. Paul Shishis Says:

    Same Sumerian Symbol ( High /God ) Used in Today’s World of Authority

    I can dig it !

  13. Paul Shishis Says:

    More than UFO’s in deception


    9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Out (FULL LENGTH FILM)


  14. Paul Shishis Says:

    Humanoid Figure filmed

    Holy !!

  15. Paul Shishis Says:

    MONATOMIC GOLD: An Extraordinary Healing Agent

    Gold is the reason for the wars we wage- U2

  16. Paul Shishis Says:

    The worldwide events in the first quarter 2012

    A must see if your not attuned

  17. Paul Shishis Says:

    Here are some photographs of UFO ‘s I’ve taken

    Just a drip in the buckET to what has been witnessed

    In truth –Not alone ~ _ ~

  18. Paul Shishis Says:

    What ‘ strange happened around the world on Jan.23,2012 ?
    Even in Oshawa

  19. Paul Shishis Says:

    The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity – The FULL STORY (1/8) – David Icke

    For those willing to go a step further looking TO WHOM IS who’s ruling this planET

  20. Paul Shishis Says:

    ‘FEMA Coffins’ Being Moved Northbound On Georgia Highway 5-8-2012; Are They Being Transferred To Chicago?

    Maybe coming to a neighbourhood near U

  21. Paul Shishis Says:

    White Translucent UFO Witnessed and Filmed Over Whitby,Ontario May 11th 2012 @ 11:16am

    Still unknown aerial anomalies buzzing our skies’
    Added many military low flying large planes in Durham
    Week May 7th – 11th
    Could something be up ? _ ?

  22. Paul Shishis Says:


    Angel ?

  23. Paul Shishis Says:

    The Great Pleiadian Eclipse Alignment – May 20, 2012 – Global Illumination Council

    Happy May 20 th ,2012 *. *

  24. Paul Shishis Says:

    Black UFO Captured on Film Over CN Tower – June 5th 2012 @ 10:14am

    Military craft shows up exactly the next day – timing is uncanny


  25. Paul Shishis Says:

    Slow White UFO caught on film over Oshawa
    June 25th 2012 @ 9:45pm

    I have noticed this type in the night sky here three separate nights

    I managed to get one good first picture

    See link provided

  26. Paul Shishis Says:

    Brilliant Orange UFO’s Witnessed Over Burl’s Creek after Tragically Hip Concert Canada Day July1st ,2012

    Well this is quite a spectacular UFO sighting on July 1st ,2012 in Orillia, Ontario

    I must say I have heard and viewed of UFO footages during Rock Festivals worldwide.

    Here’s my observations :

    After watching the Tragically Hip Concert at Burl’s Creek Family Campground

    We returned to camp to stay for the overnight camp

    At about 11:45 pm Sunday ,July 1st that late evening.

    I witnessed three round brilliant orange UFO’s

    Two were much more distant- southward moving very slow

    Then a third one came across much closer above moving from the west to east.

    Passing the moon as a reference

    Within 5 seconds
    I immediately pulled out my camera to capture the moment on video mode.

    The characteristics were very strange in pulsation of brightness coming from this brilliant orange round object.

    Inside the UFO
    Is best described like it ‘ swirling ‘ motion inside the object.
    It also moved fluid ~~ like – different
    Really a extraordinary show in the sky for near five minutes

    Please note:
    That in fact
    THIS THING had size to confirm not Chinese lanterns.
    No way indeed
    – You had to be there to see it FOR YOURSELF !
    It was so beautiful and very bizarre in nature

    What is perplexing about this incredible sighting witnessed

    Is that ‘ feeling ‘ I felt before the sighting event.
    That something would appear either during the concert event or there after.

    I suppose my prediction was indeed correct

    This event has created great excitement for me.

    Knowing that there were hundreds of other witnesses that night at camp.
    Even the next morning talking with a Parks Ground keeper
    He also witnessed the three
    First thought they were helicopter
    Then confirms UFO
    He said it was the strangest thing he had seen in his life

    I was not alone to witness in the area

    As there was also reports coming out also from Barrie, Ontario July 1,2012.

    PS I also believe that fireworks attract curious unknown seekers from the sky.

    Enjoy the photographic evidence

    Enjoy Summer 2012

    UFO sighting baffles western Labrador woman

  27. Paul Shishis Says:

    There appears to be a ‘stronger ‘ presence of higher intelligence happening around us

    Added the military is aware of ET /UFO presence

    These three video clips I have taken

    Illustrate a presence on both sides

    Stronger on both sides in my observations

    Enjoy the filmed evidence

    Each has it’s own story
    Yet connects the truth


  28. Paul Shishis Says:

    The truth is north of the border: UFO sightings in Canada reach record high of THREE a day

    Read more:

  29. Paul Shishis Says:

    The Black Knight Satellite

    My footage of something similar filmed Over Scarborough

    • Paul Shishis Says:

      Sorry to put a load out on my channel

      Here is the clip that I took similar to the Balck Knight Satellite

      PS Enjoy ALL the clips ~ ~ ~ ~

  30. Paul Shishis Says:


    a MUST SEE !

  31. Paul Shishis Says:

    Our Story in 2 minutes

    From Atom to Adam
    Back to Atom

  32. Paul Shishis Says:

    My UFO sighting Over Scarborough,Ontario September 11,2012 at 10:12 am Pictures and short video

  33. Paul Shishis Says:

    Here’s a must watch for our human family

    Annunaki – dont watch this film

    Still today-GOLD

  34. yhLegaiBaogm Says:

    wow this appears actually cool! do you mind if i share this?

  35. Paul Shishis Says:


  36. Paul Shishis Says:

    UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact full length

  37. Paul Shishis Says:

    Here are two pictures of possible Unknowns near Toronto’s Communications CN Tower

    Please note : not seen with the naked eye

  38. Paul Shishis Says:


    Please note : December 28 th is a Full Moon Cycle

  39. Paul Shishis Says:

    Oshawa resident captures UFO Photo over Scarborough Workplace (Photos)

  40. Paul Shishis Says:

    I just filmed this mult-colored lights over Lake Ontario Feb.1 ,2013

  41. Paul Shishis Says:

    This could explain the signs and symptoms of today’s Earth changes


    Prepare to be Amazed *

  42. Paul Shishis Says:

    UFOTV® Presents: The Archons – Alien Invaders From Space

    For those who have suspected a predator on human race !

  43. Paul Shishis Says:

    Slow Moving Bizarre Unknown Object Witnessed and Filmed Over Scarborough,Ontario

  44. Paul Shishis Says:

    Worldwide Activities on March 2013


  45. Paul Shishis Says:

    UFO Footage Sightings over Durham Region

  46. Paul Shishis Says:

    Five Video Clips of UFO’s in Durham ,Ontario

    Dedicated to the Skeptics – we are not alone

  47. Paul Shishis Says:

    Durham Region buzzing with UFO’s June 3rd,2013

  48. Paul Shishis Says:

    My Life Time Testimony from the start of witnessing UFO’s..

    For those whom have witnessed *

    Here are two interviews how all this started with me.
    You will find on the second interview with Lesley /Wes
    I was cut off numerous times by someone or something from my land line phone.
    The truth must be revealed of the levels of higher intelligence that surround us.

    There is so much to reveal in sharing
    I just cannot stop caring ****

  49. Paul Shishis Says:

    Multiple UFO’s Filmed Over Northern Whitby July 26,2013

  50. Paul Shishis Says:

    My Story Is Now Published

    Finally a story said ::

  51. Paul Shishis Says:

    Shocking material to be SHARED

    SHADE the Motion Picture

    A must see *


  52. Paul Shishis Says:

    UFO Triangle Over Durham Sunday August 10,2014

  53. Paul Shishis Says:

    Daylight White UFO Sighting Over Oshawa August 24 ,2014 @ 1:42 pm

  54. Multiple bright meteor sightings in Ontario in the past week October 2016

    Here is a recent report over Oshawa,Ontario

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