*New Roundup* Feb 8th 2012

UFO or Meteor Caught on Texas Police Camera: Is it an alien spacecraft or a meteor on camera.  It does seem very bright but the downward trajectory makes me think meteor,or a UFO in the process of crashing.

Iceland Worm Monster:  Some odd video footage has surfaced of an legendary worm monster in Iceland.  I’m not sure were I really stand on this, it looks organic and it is going against the current.  What do you think.

A Wooly Mammoth?:  I’m pretty sure it’s a bear with a fish in it’s mouth but I could be wrong.

Ohio Grassman Photo:  This one is interesting a picture from a trail cam (albeit a very blurry picture) seems to have caught a bipedal creature in Ohio.  It could be any number of things we’ll just have to wait and see.

Demon Photo: I think this is a photoshop job, but it’s a good one take a look and see what you think

Mystery of Life Solved!:  … however no one can understand a word of the 105 page paper.


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