The Chupacabra: Product of Science or Product of Magic

The Chupacabra, it’s name means goat sucker  and every 20 or so years it seems to pop up in Latin America sucking the very life blood from animals and even attacking people.   Many people think this cyptied is fairly recent.  This is not entirely true,  there have been reports as far back as the 1950’s.

But were did it come from?  There are a few theories out there but I want to focus on the two most fun.  The first is that the Chupacabra is a product of a secret U.S.A science project.  The other is that is was summoned in a magic ritual.

There are varying reports of how the chupa might be an escaped lab experiment.  Most stories will claim that NASA is involved somehow.  Either NASA recovered this creature from aliens themselves.  Or it was developed from Alien DNA recovered from NASA.  Either story ends pretty much the same.  The vicious creature somehow escaped from NASA’s sercret lab and now runs amok in Central America.  A different version of the story says the a secret lab somewhere in Central America released the chupacabra on an unknowing public.  Which ever version of the story sounds juiciest to you a couple things can be taken from them.  The first two stories seem to point to there just being one chupacabra, I mean how many could possibly escaped.  If indeed more then one of these things got out then security at this super secret lab must be horrible.  No I think there must be more then one, thats why I like the last version of the story.  Who know’s why a government would unleash such a vicious animal on the public.  Perhaps it’s some kind of weapon and it set out on the public as a test.  Or maybe the chapa was released in a much different way as disinformation to help cover something else up.  Many people in the states have theorized that cattle and other animal mutilations are done by our government for some reason or another.   They go on to say that an alien cover story was set up as disinformation to keep heat off of what they are doing.  Could the Mexican government be doing the same thing only blaming it on the Chupacabra instead of aliens?

There’s another origin story which involves the opposite of a science project, a magic ritual.  Perhaps the Chupa is some sort entity conjured by magic.  As I said earlier there have been strange reports of something draining the blood of animals since the 1950’s however no one reported actually seeing this mysterious beast until 1987.  Reports of the Chupa have claimed that it floats or levitates.  It also seem’s to appear and disappear at will.  The Chupacabra always just seems to be there it’s never seen approaching it just appears.  The other mystical thing about the Chupacabra is that is seem to come and go about every twenty yeas or so.  Perhaps it must be conjured over and over again it can’t stay in our world for that long.  Can more then one be conjured?

The magical origin story is a bit more obscure then the escaped lab scenario.  This is what I’ve heard.  A few years back some photos were discovered (photos I don’t think anyone has seen).  These pictures were given to a group of psychics to do a reading on.  What they psychics gleamed from their reading was this; a vision of people dressed in white performing a Sangria ritual summoning the Chupacabra on the outskirts of a Brazilian rainforest.  An interesting story but like I said it’s hard to find details about it.  Perhaps their some sect of Sangria which worships the Chupacabra, I don’t know this is just what I’ve heard.  If anyone knows anything abut Sangria and has any thoughts on this please leave a comment.

Whether it came from some science lab or was conjured from the depths one thing I know for certain is something is out there in Central America attacking animals and people.  And for right now the Chupacabra is as good of an expiation as any.


Binall of America: season two with Scott Corrales 


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