Sky Sounds; There Seem to Be an Awful Lot in Canada


There’s been a lot of mysterious sky sounds lately and no one really knows for sure what they are or what causes them.  Are they solar flares, secret underground drilling or UFO’s?  One thing I can say for certain is there seem to be an awful lot in and around Canada.  Is Canada at the heart of all these sounds?

Of course my favorite is the Oshawa noise late in Janury, if you scroll on down you’ll find a whole write-up on it.  So I won’t go into to much detail on it here.

On January 26th some sky sounds were heard on Vancouver Island.  An explanation came pretty quick.  A company called Pacific Aerospace said that they were doing some blasting in Washington, over 40 miles away.  However this doesn’t seem to fit.  Many people on Vancouver Island said that the “explosions” in the sky were enough to shift furniture around.  Could blasting from 40 miles away move furniture?  The other strange thing about the Aerospace explanation is that Aerospace said the only blasted once but reports of the sound said it went on all day.

There is also a weird hum being heard in Windsor Ontario.  The interesting thing about this is that this is not the first time the hum has been heard.  Two years ago the same sound was hear all over Windsor.  This was blamed on the Zug Island waste depository.  However people in windsor have reported picture frames and such vibrating to the hum.  If Zug Island is being that loud then better be about ready to explode.

Dawson Creek in British Columbia had a sky sound encounter in January 2012.  An odd sound that almost sounds like something roaring mixed with dirt bike revving was heard over the town.  Meanwhile just a few miles away in Beaver Lodge another noise was reported.  Also very close in this area was the now infamous Conklin sound which has pretty much been debunked as a fake.

If you do some digging I’m sure you’ll stumble over many sky sounds and I’m sure you will find that a lot of the seem to be coming from Canada. Of course a few fakes such as Conklin have also come out of Canada so be on the lookout for fakes on your search for answers.  I’m not sure why Canada seems to have become the epicenter of the sky sound phenomenon, and I’m not sure I want to find out.


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