*News Roundup* Jan 31 2012

Energy Beam Erupts From Pyramid-  I’m not really sure what to make of this, one of the still pictures looks authentic but the video look like something that could have easily have been done in Adobe After effects.

Pyramid Beam

Strange Blue Gel- This one is rather odd.  An english man has found odd blue balls made of some sort of gel in his garden.  They look like something man made but as far as I can tell no one has identified them yet.

Blue Gel

UFO Wreckage in the Baltic…Again…Maybe-  Remember about a year or so ago there was a story about some diver find a round object sunk in the Baltic Sea.  Well they found another one and now the have permission to go and check them out.  Hopefully we will know what they are soon.

Baltic Sea UFO

Stonehenge Precusor-  It’s a bit of a long read but an interesting one.  An early prototype of Stonehenge may have been found.

Stonehenge Processor

Strange Sky Sounds-  The sky sounds go on just as strong as last week and the week before

Strange Sky Sounds


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