Sounds in the Sky, is Conspiracy Afoot?

As many of you know there have been quite a few strange sounds in the sky around the world in the past weeks, but a new one in Canada is raising some eyebrows.  On January 23rd in Oshawa Ontario Canada many people not only witnessed but recorded a weird sound in the sky.  This one does not seem to be a hoax as there are a few videos from different people around the area so there is corroborating evidence.

The local news station even did a story on the sounds,  here’s where it gets interesting.  The news story reported that the sound was caused from a broken valve at Air Products Oxygen plant that went on for most of the day before being repaired.  Sounds logical.  This is what the new story said in the beginning:

A number of Durham residents were questioning a strange noise Monday morning. An open relief valve at the recently established Air Products oxygen plant is blamed for creating a loud whirring noise, comparable to the sound of a wind turbine. The issue was resolved shortly after 5:00 am. Officials had initially reported the sound was coming from Gerdau in Whitby, but it was revealed later a neighboring facility was the source of the noise.

However later that day the story changed and made no mention of the oxygen plant. It now says this:

A number of Durham residents were questioning a strange noise Monday morning. People reported hearing a wave or wind turbine kind of sound that was very loud. Although several possible explanations have been explored, nothing has been presented that’s able to point to an official cause for the noise. The noise was heard sometime around 4:00 am and was recorded by several people.

Of course there are reasons for this, perhaps it was not the plant who made the noise and the news station was asked to redact the mention of the name of the plant.  If so why not just write and update saying that the noise did not come form the plant, why remove all mention?  Could it be that the first story was not the real story?  There have been some reports that solar flares might be to blame.  If so why didn’t the news through that into mix, I just don’t understand why they suddenly shied away from the first version of the story.

It doesn’t end there, according to the people that live in the area there is not Air Product Plant in the vicinity  The nearest one is miles away, and would not have been able to be heard from that distance.

There are some odd occurrences surrounding this sky sound report and it does seem that there is a little something going on behind the scenes.  It smells a bit of fish to me and I’ll keep you posted if anything else occurs.  If you live in the area let me know what you think about all this.

There’s a little more on this story over at

UPDATE:  A New Sound In Oshawa Happened Last Night
Over at another sky sound was recorded last night.  This video is pretty clear and showcases a very different noise then what was heard on the 23rd.  This leads me to believe that it was not a factory or a plant that is the cause of the nosies.  Also a reader left a comment (thanks Paul) saying that strange nosies in the sky are not the only weird thing thats been happening around Oshawa in recent years.  There have been power outages and a rash of UFO sightings in 2009.

4 Responses to “Sounds in the Sky, is Conspiracy Afoot?”

  1. There has been some pretty strange activities of sorts In Oshawa

    Back in Jan -April 2003
    Oshawa experienced many power outage almost every day.
    Most just a one second outage creating a flashing clock.
    These outages also include Whitby

    Remember the massive power outage August 14,2003 ?
    Not only are there strange sounds presently in Oshawa.

    There have been many UFO sightings in Durham.

    Honest really —-UFO’s

    U—Find —Out !

    Many reports have been documented.

    Other strange sound reports worldwide may have this common sequence now happening

  2. Thanks four your comment Paul. I did indeed find some stories about UFO’s around the Oshawa in 2009. Do you live in or near Oshawa? If so did you hear the new noise from last nigh?

    • Paul Shishis Says:

      Yes I live in Oshawa-work Scarborough

      No, I did not hear the sound Jan.23- dead asleep those wee hours
      Yet have talk to folks that did.
      I’m impressed by the news flip-flop story of the source.

      We did experience a quick pulse of a power outage 1-2 seconds- Scarborough Late morning Jan.30th
      Needless to say our company computer systems went down.
      Great timing : (


      U—Find —Out

  3. “Sounds in the Sky, is Conspiracy Afoot? | The Para-View” Blinds Online was in fact a good posting.

    If perhaps it owned even more pics this could be perhaps even much better.
    Thanks ,Freeman

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