Ghost Town’s #1: Kolmanskop

The mining town of Kolmanskop sounds very german  and indeed it its, but it’s not it’s in Namibia.  Kolmanskop means Coleman’s Hill and is named after Johnny Coleman a transport driver who abandoned his cart during a sand storm close to where the town of Kolmanskop was settled.

It was in 1908 when a local worker found a diamond in the desert Kolmanskop quickly grew into a large diamond mining operation.  It remained in operation up until just before the second world war when much richer deposits where found further north.  Over the years there were less and less people populating the town by the 1950’s it was deserted.  With no one there to keep up appearances the sand of the Namibia desert took over, sandblasting the outside of the buildings and filling them with sand.

Of course a place like this is ripe for rumors of huntings.  Ghost have been seen peeking through the windows and strange shadows dart across the sands.  If you want to visit Kolmanskop and do your own ghost hunting you can, if you have the proper permits.  There is still mining going on around the area and is a restricted area.  However Kolmanskop is available to visit if you obtain permits from a travel agency to visit the town.  Also be prepared to have your own transport to the town.  I looked around for some experiences or stories and could really find anything but that doesn’t mean there isn’t activity there.

Kolmanskop is indeed an interesting place whether it’s haunted or not, just looking a pictures of the place is enough to fixate on.  Is Kolmaskop really haunted or is it just too good of an abandoned place to not have stories of ghost about it.  I don’t know but if for some reason you find your self in Namibia then maybe you should give the place a visit and see for your self.  And if you do, let me know how goes.


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