Reviews: Resurrect Dead and Eyes of the Mothman

Thats’s right I have a duel review today.  I want to talk about two documentaries.  Both of these have been out for awhile but I’ve never gotten around to talking about them.

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles.

This doc is not paranormal per sey but it does revolve around a mystery that has been around for almost 30 years.  If you live in a major city espsceially on the east coast you may have noticed a strange tiles on city streets.  These tiles usually say something along the lines of “Toynbee Idea, in Kubricks 2001 resurrect dead on planet Jupiter”.  The tiles vary here and there and some even say completely different things.  I don’t want to give away to much about the Toynbee tiles because it will take a way from this doc.  That being said this is a great watch the guys in the film get together and go looking for answers and they find some.  It’s well shot and well exacuted.  The doc directed by Jon Foy it follows three young man as they track down the answers to the mysterious tiles that they see popping up in many major cities not just in the States but abroad as well.  You can rent or buy this doc on iTunes right now and I highly recommend it.

Resurrect Dead Website 

Eyes of the Mothman

This film has been out for some time and I posted on it back when it was getting ready to come out.  Well it’s on Netflix right now so I gave it a watch.

As you would expect it chronicles the strange happenings in Point Pleasant West Virginia in late ’67 and ’68.  I will say the doc starts out very slow (it’s two and half hours long) by giving us a detailed early history of Point Pleasant but some of it does come back into play.  My favorite part about the beginning is if you’re a fan Larry Miller’s podcast This Week with Larry Miller you might reconigize a certain march playing as a sound bed in the film at some point, but I digress.  Once the movie gets to the meat and potatoes of the mothman story it really takes off.  The film is full of interviews and witness accounts if you really want to know about the mothman and Point Pleasant then this film to watch.  Like I said it’s two and a half hours long with is pretty long for any documentry but don’t let that deter you once you settle in and get going you’ll be glad you watched.

Eyes of The Mothman Website


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