Close to Existence; The Orang Pendek

There are many cryptids out there.  Some seem to be so far out there they are hard to believe.  However others seem to be a few on  the tipping point of being discovered.  One of those creatures is the fabled Orang Pendek.

The Orang Pendek is said to be a small humanoid creature which resembles Sasquatch, only shorter.  The creature resides on the island of Sumatra near Indonesia.  It is said to only be a few feet tall, bipedal and covered in short brown or grey fur.  It is mostly herbivorous feeding on mostly plants, nuts, and fruits.

The Orang Penkek may not be myth however.  In recent years there has been a plethora of hair, feces, footprints and other evidence of it’s existence.  This is all due to a few intrepid explorers such as Debbie Martyr, Dr. Peter Tse.  However the person I want to touch on is Adam Davies.  Adam Davies has searched for not only the Orang Pendek but other cryptids as well.  His main focus remains on the Orang Pendek, and every year he gets a little closer.  Adam is currently awaiting to get evidence tested for DNA which he hopes will result in definite proof of the Orang Pendek.  My hopes are with him and his search.  Check him out on the newest episode of B.O.A Audio

But what could the Orang Pendek be?  Many say it’s like a little bigfoot but is it.  Perhaps it will just a new kind of ape or monkey.  Even if it turns out to be none more then a monkey I would be ok with that and if it’s something more I would really be ok with that.


Orang Pendek Wiki

Binnall of America: Audio


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