Portal to the Paranormal; Crowley, Parsons, Magic and Missles

This is a tale about two men.  One a well known magician and cultist from the early 20th century.  The other a super genius of rocket science who is responsible for modern space exploration.  I’m talking of course of Alister Crowley and Jack Parsons.  What do these two man who at first glance could not be anymore different have in common?  Well for starters they may be responsible for bringing things into this world that we now consider paranormal.

Anyone even remotely interested in the paranormal has at least heard of Alister Crowley.  Crowley was born into a wealthy family on October 12th 1875.  He died at the age of 75 on December 1st 1947.  I could go on and on about Crowley’s many exploits but for the sake of this story I’m going to focus on one specific event.

In the year of 1918 beginning in January and continuing through March of that same year Crowley began The Amalantrah Working.  During these rituals Crowley claimed to have made contact with a being called Lam.  Lam is not really a single being but rather a type of being or possibly a race.  Crowley even unveiled a picture, which he said was a portrait of an actual interdimsional being at his Dead Souls Exhibition in 1919.  Crowley kept very quit about lam, however a few interested parties continued to seek out Lam and his secrets, by creating their own cults of Lam

Why does Lam spark so much interest?  Will if you haven’t looked at the picture yet Lam looks pretty much like a Grey.  Are people seeing aliens in the sky or begins summoned from another dimension?  There are certainly weirder explanations out there.

Where does Jack Parsons fit into all this.  Will not only was Parson’s a rocket scientist but also a believer in magic and a huge follower of Crowley, in fact Crowley himself chose Jack to lead one of his agape lodges of OTO in 1942.  Parson’s was born on October 2nd 1914.  Not only were Crowley and Parson’s both born in early October but they were both born into wealthy families.  Parson’s would grow up to become a brilliant scientist who would go on to invent solid rocket fuel the missing ingredient to space exploration.  Jack saw no quandaries to his love of science and magic he would even recite Crowley’s hymn to the greek god Pan.

Following in Crowley’s footsteps Parson started the Babylon Working, a continuation of Alister Crowley’s Amalantrah Working.  Along with is partner in magic L. Ron Hubbard (yep, that’s right) Parson’s started the working in March of 1946.  The purpose of this ritual was to summon Parson’s “Scarlet Woman” which would help him summon a Moon Child.  You can find out more about both of  these rituals there’s just to much to get into here.  What if Parsons did open a portal as Crowley did years earlier was he able to close it?  Some say no, he was not.  If he couldn’t or didn’t close it what or whom got through?

Alister Crowley died in 1947 of purposed respiratory infection.  Crowley’s doctor died a day later, rumor’s surfaced that the good doctor had cut crowley off of his morphine (which he had become somewhat addicted to) so Crowley put a curse on him.  Jack Parsons would leave this world on June 15th 1952 after a chemical explosion in his basement.  Parson’s death also sparked rumors of a magic ritual gone wrong or maybe suicide.

Did Crowley, his followers and Jack Parson’s open portals to another world?  And if they did, did these things get though? If so it would explain a great many things.  The time line of the modern Alien and ufo sightings does seem to match up.  Only a little over a year later Kenneth Arnold would have his famous sighting and then Roswell would break.  Shortly after the sci-fi wave would start and breed even more tales of strangeness some possibly with a grain of truth to them.  Of course a lot of hardcore researcher’s of UFO’s would turn there nose up at this story it is an angle the must be considered.  As I said in my post about cryptids a couple of weeks back in a world such as the paranormal where there are little answers,  you need all the angles you can get.


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2 Responses to “Portal to the Paranormal; Crowley, Parsons, Magic and Missles”

  1. Very interesting and intriguing questions you’ve raised, I wasn’t aware of this activity in opening portals, but I think its very possible! Not to mention, the presence of Grey’s definitely fits the timeline, and it also goes hand in hand with the advance of technology that you see surge from 1930’s onwards… Great post, Thank you for sharing!

    • It is a fascinating story. I would like to do more on Crowley and Parson’s. Sometimes I think there would be enough there for a book.

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