The St. Paris UFO

Before Roswell, even before Kenith Arnold claimed the term “flying saucers” there was a strange object in the sky over St. Paris Ohio.  This sighting intrigues me because it’s local.  I live about half an hour from St. Paris.

On a spiring day in 1932 George Sutton posed for a picture on the side of a dirt road near St. Paris Ohio.  When the picture was developed there seemed to be a weird object in the sky.  Many say that it’s nothing more then a streetlight.  However that Sutton family has said that there were no street lamps on that road.  I can attest to the more rural roads around here and no, they wouldn’t have lights.  Did the Suttons catch an alien craft on film way before the whole UFO craze started sweeping our nation?  Also, when did the notice it?  Was is right away or was it not until years later after flying saucer’s started showing up more and more that the strange object in the picture was picked up on?

I would love to know more about this.  If anyone around the area know’s anything about the Sutton Photo please drop me an e-mail.


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