The Stange Tale of Jack Angel

Jack Angel may sound like the name of a super spy or hard boiled detective, he is not.  Actually Mr. Angel used to be a door to door salesman, who specialized in selling cloths.  Angel lived in a motor home, it was easier because of all the traveling he had to do for his job.  Jack Angel however, is more than a clothing salesman, he is a survivor of spontaneous human combustion (SHC).

On the night of November 12th 1974 Jack Angel fell asleep in his camper at a motel parking lot somewhere in Savannah Georgia.  Angel slept for four days (I wish I could sleep for four days) and when he awoke his skin was covered in burns.  The burns covered his arms, wrist, back and had even burned a whole from the inside out on his chest.  Looking around he found no evidence of a fire.  Nothing in the mobile home was burnt, even the cloths he was wearing appeared to be fine.  Scared to death, he left  his mobile home and made a bee-line for the hotel were he collapsed on the floor

Day’s later Angel woke up in a hospital.  The doctors had no idea and no answers for Jack, other then the burning appeared to start in his left arm.

A year later Jack Angel changed his story and told his attorny (perhaps trying for some workman’s comp).  In 1975 Angel now said he had scolded himself while trying to change the water pressure of his mobile home.  Was Jack Angel a lucky survivor of SHC, or just guy who didn’t know how to fix his mobile home?

SHC has been reported for years and to this day no real explanation has been given.  Sure there are a few out there but none really explain anything.  The wick effect is the most popular one.  The wick effect essentially says the our cloths absorb fat from out bodes and turn us into a sort of candle.  However the results of testing the wick effect never seems to reproduce the same results as the scene of SHC.  There is also the theory that SHC happens because of a huge build up of Static electricity.  Can our bodies build up enough static electricity to simple turn our bodies into ash?  It doesn’t seem likely to me but it makes more sense the wick effect.  Whatever the reason it does not take away the freighting thought of SHC.  Who cares how one simply catches fire and burns to a crisp, just knowing that it can happen is enough for me.


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