Review: Diaries Of The Dark Side by Cassidy O’Conner



This is a book that everyone needs to read.  Diaries of The Dark Side by Cassidy O’Conner recounts the story of a family terrorized by their possessed grandson.  The book  (or at least the eBook) is only 99 pages but Cassidy packs a lot into those 99 pages.  She goes from how she became to be involved in the case, to the exposing the less then genuine paranormal investagators who wanted to use the family’s case only for monetary gain, all the way to the end of the whole ordeal.

There one thing to keep in mind while reading this book is that is not a blueprint for dealing with demons.  For that reason Cassidy leaves most of the nitty-gritty techniques and details out of the book.  She steresses many times that this is not a how-to book and for good reason.  In short, don’t meddle with what you don’t understand.  She also changes the names of everyone in the book and discloses no real locations, to insure the families privacy.

The story is that of Daniel a young boy who lives with his grandparents.  The family builds a new house on some property.  As soon as building begins things start to happen, accidents, suicides and deaths.  Then something seem to be having an odd effect on young Daniel.   He becomes incresingly  violent often exhibiting tremendous strength.  His pyshical appearance changes and he even eats paperclips, thats right a whole box.

Enter an investigation team to “help” the family, an they bring Cassidy along to help.  It soon becomes apparent that these guys (except Cassidy) our not doing this for the best intentions.  Don’t worry they get whats coming to them and Cassidy gets the family some real help.

I will say she writes a little differently at times then what a lot of people are used to (but then again how great can my writing be).  There are just time when she uses words not quite the way you would expect.  She also gets a little preachy for me at times, but to each their own we just have different views and it doesn’t deter my enjoyment any less.

Please pick up this book it’s not even six bucks and I’m pretty sure the proceeds go to help the boy the book is about.

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