Cyptids; Some Different Views

Bigfoot, thunderbirds, big cats the list goes on and on.  Cryptids are creatures that have not yet been reconized by modern science.  For years people have been out hunting for evidence of these allusive beings for many years.  There have been a few fuzzy and not-so pictures and videos but never a smoking gun.  No one has every shot a huge thunderbird out of the sky or ran down a Bigfoot on a dark street.  Why is that?  Is it possible that these creatures are just that rare?  There are literally millions of acres of woodland in North America, so if only  a couple hundred Bigfoot in the area exist then it’s possible.

But are there other reasons for these creatures to so hard to track down?


Could Bigfoot simply exist just because people want it too? do the mere thoughts of so many people actually create the creature itself?  That in short is what a tulpa is, creating something from share will power and visualization.  It originated as a Tibetan monk technique.  It is said that the monks could not only make these apparitions appear but they could control them as well.  If the techniques for creating a tulpa do indeed exist many of the creatures in the cryptid world could chalk up their exsintence to being tulpas.


Is Bigfoot or the even the Frogmen of Loveland Ohio simply just residents of another plane of existence?  Perhaps there a places on this earth where different dimensons cross paths.  The question is do they appear in our world or do we pop into their’s?  There are many reports of people not only seeing Bigfoot but seeing Bigfoot just disappear into the ether.  There have also been reports of hunters shooting a Bigfoot and even large thunderbirds.  They are shot at but never seem to hit anything.  Are these guys just bad shot’s or are these creatures not quite in our reality?


If not beings from a different dimension could these cryptids simply be the ghost of bygone animals long extinct?  The Loch Ness monster is said by many to be a ghost of plesiosaur which still roams the loch.  Even in Australia their are tales of ghostly T-Rex’s in some remote area’s.  Perhaps Bigfoot is just an sprit of out own missing link.  This could explain why hunter’s bullets just seem to pass through Bigfoot or even why people see Bigfoot and other cryptids just disappear.

A lot of researchers in the world of cryptozoology will just scoff at these ideas.  Why?  I have no idea, in a field were no one has any real concrete answers why wouldn’t you keep an open mind about such things.  I’m not really sure how much creedince I give any of these different ideas, but I’m sure not going to just write them off.


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