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*News Roundup* Jan 31 2012

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Energy Beam Erupts From Pyramid-  I’m not really sure what to make of this, one of the still pictures looks authentic but the video look like something that could have easily have been done in Adobe After effects.

Pyramid Beam

Strange Blue Gel- This one is rather odd.  An english man has found odd blue balls made of some sort of gel in his garden.  They look like something man made but as far as I can tell no one has identified them yet.

Blue Gel

UFO Wreckage in the Baltic…Again…Maybe-  Remember about a year or so ago there was a story about some diver find a round object sunk in the Baltic Sea.  Well they found another one and now the have permission to go and check them out.  Hopefully we will know what they are soon.

Baltic Sea UFO

Stonehenge Precusor-  It’s a bit of a long read but an interesting one.  An early prototype of Stonehenge may have been found.

Stonehenge Processor

Strange Sky Sounds-  The sky sounds go on just as strong as last week and the week before

Strange Sky Sounds


Sounds in the Sky, is Conspiracy Afoot?

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As many of you know there have been quite a few strange sounds in the sky around the world in the past weeks, but a new one in Canada is raising some eyebrows.  On January 23rd in Oshawa Ontario Canada many people not only witnessed but recorded a weird sound in the sky.  This one does not seem to be a hoax as there are a few videos from different people around the area so there is corroborating evidence.

The local news station even did a story on the sounds,  here’s where it gets interesting.  The news story reported that the sound was caused from a broken valve at Air Products Oxygen plant that went on for most of the day before being repaired.  Sounds logical.  This is what the new story said in the beginning:

A number of Durham residents were questioning a strange noise Monday morning. An open relief valve at the recently established Air Products oxygen plant is blamed for creating a loud whirring noise, comparable to the sound of a wind turbine. The issue was resolved shortly after 5:00 am. Officials had initially reported the sound was coming from Gerdau in Whitby, but it was revealed later a neighboring facility was the source of the noise.

However later that day the story changed and made no mention of the oxygen plant. It now says this:

A number of Durham residents were questioning a strange noise Monday morning. People reported hearing a wave or wind turbine kind of sound that was very loud. Although several possible explanations have been explored, nothing has been presented that’s able to point to an official cause for the noise. The noise was heard sometime around 4:00 am and was recorded by several people.

Of course there are reasons for this, perhaps it was not the plant who made the noise and the news station was asked to redact the mention of the name of the plant.  If so why not just write and update saying that the noise did not come form the plant, why remove all mention?  Could it be that the first story was not the real story?  There have been some reports that solar flares might be to blame.  If so why didn’t the news through that into mix, I just don’t understand why they suddenly shied away from the first version of the story.

It doesn’t end there, according to the people that live in the area there is not Air Product Plant in the vicinity  The nearest one is miles away, and would not have been able to be heard from that distance.

There are some odd occurrences surrounding this sky sound report and it does seem that there is a little something going on behind the scenes.  It smells a bit of fish to me and I’ll keep you posted if anything else occurs.  If you live in the area let me know what you think about all this.

There’s a little more on this story over at

UPDATE:  A New Sound In Oshawa Happened Last Night
Over at another sky sound was recorded last night.  This video is pretty clear and showcases a very different noise then what was heard on the 23rd.  This leads me to believe that it was not a factory or a plant that is the cause of the nosies.  Also a reader left a comment (thanks Paul) saying that strange nosies in the sky are not the only weird thing thats been happening around Oshawa in recent years.  There have been power outages and a rash of UFO sightings in 2009.

Ghost Town’s #1: Kolmanskop

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The mining town of Kolmanskop sounds very german  and indeed it its, but it’s not it’s in Namibia.  Kolmanskop means Coleman’s Hill and is named after Johnny Coleman a transport driver who abandoned his cart during a sand storm close to where the town of Kolmanskop was settled.

It was in 1908 when a local worker found a diamond in the desert Kolmanskop quickly grew into a large diamond mining operation.  It remained in operation up until just before the second world war when much richer deposits where found further north.  Over the years there were less and less people populating the town by the 1950’s it was deserted.  With no one there to keep up appearances the sand of the Namibia desert took over, sandblasting the outside of the buildings and filling them with sand.

Of course a place like this is ripe for rumors of huntings.  Ghost have been seen peeking through the windows and strange shadows dart across the sands.  If you want to visit Kolmanskop and do your own ghost hunting you can, if you have the proper permits.  There is still mining going on around the area and is a restricted area.  However Kolmanskop is available to visit if you obtain permits from a travel agency to visit the town.  Also be prepared to have your own transport to the town.  I looked around for some experiences or stories and could really find anything but that doesn’t mean there isn’t activity there.

Kolmanskop is indeed an interesting place whether it’s haunted or not, just looking a pictures of the place is enough to fixate on.  Is Kolmaskop really haunted or is it just too good of an abandoned place to not have stories of ghost about it.  I don’t know but if for some reason you find your self in Namibia then maybe you should give the place a visit and see for your self.  And if you do, let me know how goes.


Kolmanskop Wiki

Kolmanskop encounters

Kolmanskop pics

Syfy’s Destination Truth

Reviews: Resurrect Dead and Eyes of the Mothman

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Thats’s right I have a duel review today.  I want to talk about two documentaries.  Both of these have been out for awhile but I’ve never gotten around to talking about them.

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles.

This doc is not paranormal per sey but it does revolve around a mystery that has been around for almost 30 years.  If you live in a major city espsceially on the east coast you may have noticed a strange tiles on city streets.  These tiles usually say something along the lines of “Toynbee Idea, in Kubricks 2001 resurrect dead on planet Jupiter”.  The tiles vary here and there and some even say completely different things.  I don’t want to give away to much about the Toynbee tiles because it will take a way from this doc.  That being said this is a great watch the guys in the film get together and go looking for answers and they find some.  It’s well shot and well exacuted.  The doc directed by Jon Foy it follows three young man as they track down the answers to the mysterious tiles that they see popping up in many major cities not just in the States but abroad as well.  You can rent or buy this doc on iTunes right now and I highly recommend it.

Resurrect Dead Website 

Eyes of the Mothman

This film has been out for some time and I posted on it back when it was getting ready to come out.  Well it’s on Netflix right now so I gave it a watch.

As you would expect it chronicles the strange happenings in Point Pleasant West Virginia in late ’67 and ’68.  I will say the doc starts out very slow (it’s two and half hours long) by giving us a detailed early history of Point Pleasant but some of it does come back into play.  My favorite part about the beginning is if you’re a fan Larry Miller’s podcast This Week with Larry Miller you might reconigize a certain march playing as a sound bed in the film at some point, but I digress.  Once the movie gets to the meat and potatoes of the mothman story it really takes off.  The film is full of interviews and witness accounts if you really want to know about the mothman and Point Pleasant then this film to watch.  Like I said it’s two and a half hours long with is pretty long for any documentry but don’t let that deter you once you settle in and get going you’ll be glad you watched.

Eyes of The Mothman Website

Close to Existence; The Orang Pendek

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There are many cryptids out there.  Some seem to be so far out there they are hard to believe.  However others seem to be a few on  the tipping point of being discovered.  One of those creatures is the fabled Orang Pendek.

The Orang Pendek is said to be a small humanoid creature which resembles Sasquatch, only shorter.  The creature resides on the island of Sumatra near Indonesia.  It is said to only be a few feet tall, bipedal and covered in short brown or grey fur.  It is mostly herbivorous feeding on mostly plants, nuts, and fruits.

The Orang Penkek may not be myth however.  In recent years there has been a plethora of hair, feces, footprints and other evidence of it’s existence.  This is all due to a few intrepid explorers such as Debbie Martyr, Dr. Peter Tse.  However the person I want to touch on is Adam Davies.  Adam Davies has searched for not only the Orang Pendek but other cryptids as well.  His main focus remains on the Orang Pendek, and every year he gets a little closer.  Adam is currently awaiting to get evidence tested for DNA which he hopes will result in definite proof of the Orang Pendek.  My hopes are with him and his search.  Check him out on the newest episode of B.O.A Audio

But what could the Orang Pendek be?  Many say it’s like a little bigfoot but is it.  Perhaps it will just a new kind of ape or monkey.  Even if it turns out to be none more then a monkey I would be ok with that and if it’s something more I would really be ok with that.


Orang Pendek Wiki

Binnall of America: Audio

*News Round-up* Jan 25th 2012

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Man Claims Ghost Punched his Wife- Or so he says, paranormal investigators (and me) aren’t quite convinced.

Ghost Punch Story

Lots of UFO Sightings Flood Early 2012- There seems to be an awful lot of UFO sightings to kick off the year.

UFO Sigthings

Russian Scientist Say There is LIfe on Venus- Scientist in Russia say they have evidence of life on Venus from a 30 year old photo


More Sky Sounds- And of course there have been more reports of sky sounds this week.

Sky Sounds 

UFO Over Crest Woods in England-  There seems to have been a rather substantial UFO sighting in England this week.

Crest Wood UFO 

Portal to the Paranormal; Crowley, Parsons, Magic and Missles

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This is a tale about two men.  One a well known magician and cultist from the early 20th century.  The other a super genius of rocket science who is responsible for modern space exploration.  I’m talking of course of Alister Crowley and Jack Parsons.  What do these two man who at first glance could not be anymore different have in common?  Well for starters they may be responsible for bringing things into this world that we now consider paranormal.

Anyone even remotely interested in the paranormal has at least heard of Alister Crowley.  Crowley was born into a wealthy family on October 12th 1875.  He died at the age of 75 on December 1st 1947.  I could go on and on about Crowley’s many exploits but for the sake of this story I’m going to focus on one specific event.

In the year of 1918 beginning in January and continuing through March of that same year Crowley began The Amalantrah Working.  During these rituals Crowley claimed to have made contact with a being called Lam.  Lam is not really a single being but rather a type of being or possibly a race.  Crowley even unveiled a picture, which he said was a portrait of an actual interdimsional being at his Dead Souls Exhibition in 1919.  Crowley kept very quit about lam, however a few interested parties continued to seek out Lam and his secrets, by creating their own cults of Lam

Why does Lam spark so much interest?  Will if you haven’t looked at the picture yet Lam looks pretty much like a Grey.  Are people seeing aliens in the sky or begins summoned from another dimension?  There are certainly weirder explanations out there.

Where does Jack Parsons fit into all this.  Will not only was Parson’s a rocket scientist but also a believer in magic and a huge follower of Crowley, in fact Crowley himself chose Jack to lead one of his agape lodges of OTO in 1942.  Parson’s was born on October 2nd 1914.  Not only were Crowley and Parson’s both born in early October but they were both born into wealthy families.  Parson’s would grow up to become a brilliant scientist who would go on to invent solid rocket fuel the missing ingredient to space exploration.  Jack saw no quandaries to his love of science and magic he would even recite Crowley’s hymn to the greek god Pan.

Following in Crowley’s footsteps Parson started the Babylon Working, a continuation of Alister Crowley’s Amalantrah Working.  Along with is partner in magic L. Ron Hubbard (yep, that’s right) Parson’s started the working in March of 1946.  The purpose of this ritual was to summon Parson’s “Scarlet Woman” which would help him summon a Moon Child.  You can find out more about both of  these rituals there’s just to much to get into here.  What if Parsons did open a portal as Crowley did years earlier was he able to close it?  Some say no, he was not.  If he couldn’t or didn’t close it what or whom got through?

Alister Crowley died in 1947 of purposed respiratory infection.  Crowley’s doctor died a day later, rumor’s surfaced that the good doctor had cut crowley off of his morphine (which he had become somewhat addicted to) so Crowley put a curse on him.  Jack Parsons would leave this world on June 15th 1952 after a chemical explosion in his basement.  Parson’s death also sparked rumors of a magic ritual gone wrong or maybe suicide.

Did Crowley, his followers and Jack Parson’s open portals to another world?  And if they did, did these things get though? If so it would explain a great many things.  The time line of the modern Alien and ufo sightings does seem to match up.  Only a little over a year later Kenneth Arnold would have his famous sighting and then Roswell would break.  Shortly after the sci-fi wave would start and breed even more tales of strangeness some possibly with a grain of truth to them.  Of course a lot of hardcore researcher’s of UFO’s would turn there nose up at this story it is an angle the must be considered.  As I said in my post about cryptids a couple of weeks back in a world such as the paranormal where there are little answers,  you need all the angles you can get.


Alister Crowley Wiki 

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