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Review: Keep Out!, by Nick Redfern

Posted in reviews on December 29, 2011 by fknoop24

Nick Redfern has a new book out!  Entitled Keep Out!; Top Sercret Places the Government Doesn’t want You to Know About.  The book is mostly about all the top secret bases you’ve heard about and a lot you have not.  Of course Area 51 is in there and Wright Patt’s infamous hanger 18.  But that’s not all, Nick get’s into some of the more obscure one’s such as Parton Down in England and most of the world’s 2012 doomsday bunkers.

He cover’s a large number of not just bases but also dabbles in haunted mines and caves as well as the  London Underground.  Not exactly super secret bases but he makes it fit.  There is  one thing that always bugs me about books about the paranormal.  They always seem to have a big section of filler material that is very loosely related to the subject, just to take of space.  However Nick seems to find a way to stay on topic just when you think he’s about to go off the rails.

This book is also available as an Ebook straight out the gate, which makes me happy. I was able to get on my Nook and not have to wait around a couple of months for it to show up as a lot of paranormal books seem to do.  In fact it looks like all of Nick’s books have an Ebook format. Yay!

This book is a great read however you will burn threw it quickly it’s not that long.  Nick will keep you going along, you can’t wait to get to the next chapter to see what local he will be talking about next.  There are however a few places that I was surprised didn’t show up in this book, such as Plum Island, or even the Denver Airport.  Even without this few missing there’s plenty in this book that will soon have you on the internet looking for more information about many of these places.  Maybe that’s how you found your way here.

Here are some links if your looking for it:

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Third Times the Charm

Posted in quick notes on December 25, 2011 by fknoop24

I’ve tried to get this blog up and running a couple of times, but every time it seems to get derailed.  However things for me have seem to have settled down, a nice steady job, a new apartment and what not.  So after the first of the year I’m going to start the blog back up.

The format for the blog will be like this.  At the begging of the week I will have a new write up posted about a paranormal subject.  Sort of an essay on something I find interesting.  Near the end of the week I will be posting any news stories I find interesting for the week.

Reviews and experciences and other little tidbits as they pop up.

So look for new stuff after the first of the year.