Ghost at Theme Park Serry, London

A water ride, Storm Surge at Thorpe Park in Surrey, london is being moved after paranormal investigators say construction may have upset a possible burial ground. The investigators found evidence of what might of once been a burial ground or a possible settlement. 15 meters or so from where the ride was going to be stone coffins were excavated. The ride was origanlly going to be built on a place known as Monk’s Walk, a footpath which has linked Chertsey Abbey to the Thorpe Church since 666AD.

Workers on the ride have experienced evertything from floating objects, to feelings of being watched, to a headless monk. A group called West London Paranormal was called in shortly after the workers started feeling odd about the worksite. After that a Forensic geophysicist was called and is now checking around with ground penetrating radar. As of now they are not sure if it is a burial site or perhaps just an old building beneath the dirt, hopefully we will soon find out.

There’s a bit more on the story and a video HERE


2 Responses to “Ghost at Theme Park Serry, London”

  1. Re Haunted Surrey Theme Park

    Thorpe Park in Surrey have called in Paranormal Detection
    Agency and are now calling in Forensic Geophysicist Peter
    Masters to analyse the site.

    If the Paranormal Detective that was called in could do the
    Paranormal Detecting job properly they would not only have
    found what it was but got the lost souls to move on.

    Those lost souls are someones ancesters still lost between
    the spirit world and this world and no one is giving them
    the help they need to progress to where they need to go so
    that they can recycle again.

    If you want to have the entities moved on then call in a
    Real Paranormal Investigator who is renown for helping lost
    souls to cross over and let peace reign wherever you want to
    put your water ride.

    Contact Elizabeth Paddon a renown International Medium and
    Paranormal Investigator who guarentees to move the entities
    on. She is also author of Ghostly Secrets/The Soul Saver

  2. Perhaps it isn’t haunted anymore and you are just saying it is in the hopes that people want to come and be scared! However, if the ghosts are still haunting and you won’t call in a true ghostbuster like Elizabeth Paddon then you will pay karma for not helping souls asking for help by their actions. Then maybe you will need a medium like Elizabeth to move you on to the light when you get stuck haunting there too at the end of your present physical life.
    So who you going to call then???

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