UFO’s Over the Temple Mount, Israel

Four videos surfaced this week on the net that have gotten people talking if indeed they are real, however I don’t think the are.  Well, perhaps the first one has some merit but the others have tell-tale signs of hoax written all over them let’s take a look shall we.

This is the best one in my opinion if any of them are real it’s this one.  It’s a possibility that this one is authentic and the rest are just based on this first video.

This one is fake. If you look you can see the foreground moves independently of the background which means the background is probably an alpha channel (green screen).  There’s a pretty good YouTube post that gets in the all the problems this second video has, and he’s pretty on the nose

The third one is interesting as it is so much closer to the dome. However the only thing that puzzles me is were is the bright flash the emits as it shoots up into the air, this is seen on every other video but this one.

The last one I throw right out, it has a music bed under the video.  I’m sorry if you have a real piece of footage and you want to be taken seriously DO NOT PUT IT TO MUSIC!  This is like seeing a great video of Bigfoot with a bunch monkey noises underneath the video.  Or perhaps this is one thats been taken by someone and had music added to it by someone else.

Whatever these are rather they be it real, fake, a or some kind of viral marketing has yet to be determined.  I’ll keep you posted.


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