Final Events, by Nick Redfern

I’m making my way through a great book right now.  It’s called Final Events, by Nick Redfern.  This book chronicals the events of a secret government think tank known as the Collins Elite.  The Collins Elite’s main goal is to resarch the link between the UFO phenomenon and demonic activity.  Yea, thats right they belive (the Collins Elite) that UFO’s and aliens are actually demons under the guise of aliens to lead us astray.  Now keep in mind that the views of the Collins Elite arn’t nesscessarly the views of ths blog (or probably Redfern’s for that matter) it’s just a great story, and a great read.

Do be warned this book does get pretty “out there” near the end (don’t get me started on Project Blue Beam) and gets very deep in the religious side of the Collins Elite, but once again Nick is just getting the story out there.

A lot of people are going to read a lot into this book especially the religious connotations.  However really in the end this is just another view what people are experiencing and what a group of quite frankly paranoid people inside our government have come to make of it all.

I would say if your into UFO’s this is definitely a book you need to read.  I don’t want to give to much of it away just know that Redfern doesn’t really state the belifes as fact he is merely reporting a story that he has researched, so don’t be scared off by his religious connotaions.  Pick up, read it, have fun with it.



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