Christmas Bigfoot?

There’s been a video making the rounds the last few days.  What was captured on December 25th of 2010 appears to be a bibedal creauture walking from one end the camera to the other along a fence row.  Whatever this thing is, it does not appear to be much bigger then the fence post you see in the video that it’s walking behind.  There are some that are saying it’s a racoon and I could see that racoons sometimes do that weird crap walk  and have pretty thin legs which in video of this quility (i.e. not very good) it could look like a biped.  However it does not seem to scamper like a small racoon or rodent would and it has a pretty long stride.  To me it looks bipedal and not very large but without knowing how far/close the post are to the camera it’s hard to get a scale of things.  However it could just be a small animal it’s really hard to tell with this low quality.

The YouTube poster biged108 has also posted a video he took of what he says are bigfoot tracks in the snow.  They look like bigfoot tracks, complete with large feet and long strides.  However if your gonna fake bigfoot tracks the easiest way would be in the snow.

All and all these two videos to leave me with some questions.  Well just have to wait and see if anything further develops.


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