Odd Bodies of Water

I blogged about a case of disappearing water in Argentina the other day.  It was an interesting little story that I didn’t think got a lot of attention, so I gave it some. I did my little story and went on. Then a couple of days ago I was listening to an old episode of Mysterious Universe and they were talking about Lake George in New South Wales and how it seems to mysteriously empty and fill up when ever it wants.  That got me thinking about what other strange bodies of water are out there.

Lake George, NSW Australia- This lake (named after King George III)was given it’s name on October 28th, 1820 by Governor Macquarie.  Since it’s discovery the lake has been in flux ranging from bone dry to completely filled.  As of right now it’s pretty dry.  I’m not sure if all the flooding in Australia has reached NSW and if so I wonder if it’s had any affect on the lake?  There have been many claims that Lake George is connected with lakes in Peru and Africa that also fluctuate in water levels.  However it’s more likely that local underground channels are the cause for it’s rise and fall in water level.

There have also been many people reported missing on Lake George.  When the lake is full people have a habit of sailing out and never making it back.  A question that rises in my mind is are the bodies of some of theese missing people found when the lake dries up?

Lake Titicaca, Peru- We have all heard of lake Titicaca, it’s a popular tourist site and a cultural hot spot in Peru.  However it is not with out it’s mysteries.  There seems to be the ruins of an underwater city.  A long wall, road and temple have all been found under the lake’s surface.  The ruins predate the Incan people and our probably the work of Tiwanaku people.

Blue Hole Lake, Indiana USA –  The Blue Hole lake in Indiana is said to be bottomless.  As legend goes a school bus full of kids once went off a bridge into the lake, neither the bus nor any kids were ever found.  There is also a story of a a whole train running of a train bridge and disappearing into the lake  Did these things really happen.  Probably  not, sounds very urban legend to me.  The funny thing is if you go looking for Blue Hole, you’ll find two of them in Indiana, this has sparked thoughts that bot lakes are connected together underground and hence making them both “bottomless” in a sense.  Apparently in back in the sixties two Sheriffs Deputies dove to the bottom of the lake only to find that is seemed to be what they claimed a kind of quick sand in which things would sink into and be gone forever.

The weird red lake, Bagdad, Iraq-  I stumbled upon an old forum post and it was about the only thing I could find but I found it rater intriguing.  This person found a strange lake while taking a look around google maps.  The lake was in Bagdad and is blood red.  Now it could be many thing bad picture, algae or chemicals (it seems to be manmade so it could easily be a dumping ground for something.  I’m going to provide a link to this one since it’s not the easiest thing to google and find. You can find it here.

Thanks for reading.  If you got a strange body of water near you I would love to hear about, paraview@gmail.com.


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