*NEWS* Poe Toaster Doesn’t Show…Again

For around 60 years a mysterious stanger visted the grave of the late writer Edgar Allen Poe on his birthday, leaving roses and a bottle cognac.  However for the second year in a row the person know as “The Poe Toaster” did not show up to writer’s gravestone.  No one knows who he/she is or where they came from.  However for sixty some years this mystery person made their way to Poe’s graveyard under the fall of darkness and leaves roses and a nice bottle of Cognac at the foot of his grave.  The Toaster  didn’t show up last year on the 19th and this year was no different.  Witnesses watited until 5:45 A.M only t see four people claiming to be the Poe Toaster, however Curator Jeff Jerome said that none of these men where the Toaster.

Jerome want onto say that he will give the toaster another year, if the Toaster does not show in 2012 he will call the tradion done and lock up the gates for the night of January 19th of next year.

There’s a bit more to this story on Wikipedia, check it out.


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