*NEWS* Three Men Missing looking for Dutchmen’s gold

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be anything really paranormal about this story, but throw in a lost treasure, a goldmine with mystical properties and possibly even bigfoot and you can see why it belongs on this blog.

Three men (Ardean Charles, Malcom Meeks and Kurtis Merworth) went missing last summer looking for the legendary Lost Dutchmen’s Mine in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona.  The three men reportedly went of into the Superstition’s with their 115 degress tempatures (in the shade), rattle snakes and twisting canyons to look for a fabled gold mine.  This weekend authorities have found what they think are the remains of Kurtis Merworth, as his wallet was found beside the remains.

The infamous Dutchmen’s Mine is said to draw people in with not olny the promise of gold but magic magnetic property that some say attract aliens among other things.  The mine was said to be that of Jacob Waltz a german immigrant.  It’s probably the most famous lost goldmine in the country.

There’s more in the Superstition Mountains then just a gold mine. In 2007 Bigfoot sightings starting popping up and circulating the media.  In 2002 a camper looking for archeological sites near the head water of Rough Canyon was spooked by a large upright hairy humanoid animal.

Did Bigfoot, aliens, or perhaps the ghost of Apache warriors protecting the mine play a hand in the case of these three men?  Or was it the harsh terrain and 115 degree temperatures to blame for theese men as well as the estimated 100 other people who have gone missing in the Superstition Mountains?  The latter seem’s more likely but perhaps there is a bit more to these mountains then what is known.  My heart goes out to the family of these three men and I hope they find closure.

If you looking to dig some more about the Dutchmen Mine Cryptomundo has good write up on it and of course there’s Wikipedia page.


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