*NEWS* Water Disappears in Argentina

I found this on paranormal.about.com and found it rather interesting and I haven’t seen to much about this kind of thing.  Earlier this week an Argentinan man reported that his farms water tank (some 16,000 gallons) which had just been filled had gone missing, not a drop to be found.  The next day it was all gone, no puddles, no dampness nothing.  The tank has a flood cap and takes around 12 hours to completely drain.  The story does not give the farm owner’s name but he goes on to say that this happened once before 15 years earlier

The story goes on to say that swimming pools and ponds are also mysteriously drying up however it doesn’t go into any detail on these other cases.  I’ve been looking for some another-water-tank.html resources on this but so far have found nothing.

Go on over to paranormal.about.com or inexplicata to check it out.



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