An Update on the Sea Monster

I’ve been hearing here and there that the giant creature I talked about a few weeks ago is some kind of turtle.  I’m going to see if I can find something to confirm this.  My only question is if it’s a turtle where is it’s shell.


5 Responses to “An Update on the Sea Monster”

  1. hey aboutthis right, i have one sugestion. by its mouth shape, i would say its a hawksbill turtle which is very very old. and i read somewhere that when the turtle gets very very old, its shell gets slightly softer over time as well. could it have died in the sea, leaving its shell to decay or smth like that? then its body was then … you know the rest

  2. Anthony Says:

    this umm “thing” might be caused because of waste or something and it was born deformed.

  3. Casey Allard Says:

    nooooo this is deffinitly not a hawksbill turtle, this creature looks nothing like any living sea creature, it looks like one of those tremors, but those arnt real, its seems to have the structure of an octopus and a squid, maby a hybrid that was deformed from a waste or somthing.

  4. I do not believe it was a tutle because if you look to the far right of the picture you can see that it is taller than a person. And the basking shark Idea might not be so wrong it might be a a bigger shark ro whale shark that decayed and grew algea.

  5. looks like a decayed elephant thrown to sea to me.

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