*NEWS* Sea Monster Washed Ashore (Updated 1/19/11)

I was listening to The 13 Skulls podcast last week when TJ talked about a hairy hellish sea monster that had washed ashore in Guinea. When I first heard this I thought I knew exactly what it was, a dead Basking shark. See this sort of thing has happened in the past a dead Basking shark washes up on the beach and begins to decay the scales recede a bit then the cartilage begins to fray off and pokes threw the now thin skin and looks much like hair. Then I got home and looked at the pictures of which there are many good ones and found out I was dead wrong. Please go check out this story on the monster.


Down bellow is what I thought it was.  Here is a picture of a basking shark washed up on the beach








Here’s another odd picture of something washed ashore I’ve been told it’s many things much like a sculpture by someone who creates sea monsters and leaves them on beaches to be found.



33 Responses to “*NEWS* Sea Monster Washed Ashore (Updated 1/19/11)”

  1. I am a trained zoologist. I don’t think your basking shark IS a basking shark because it clearly has teeth and empty tooth sockets. I have seen quite a few drad basking sharks and they don’t look like that. I am curious – do youhave any other photos?

  2. Ricardo Says:

    It looks like they finally killed the monster from the
    movie cloverfield.

  3. wat da fuck is that

  4. Cassandra Says:

    what the hell is that ??????

  5. what is that…………?is it the relatives of nessy the lochness monster…..?

  6. weird! makes me want throw up!

  7. This is wierd. What is the first photo of? And how big is it?

  8. The sea monster looks very much like a whale turned upside down.

    • The top photo is a definately whale upside-down. It looks
      hairy b/c the mouth has a sort of ‘filter’ for collecting krill.
      The skin turned black b/c of the sun.

  9. I don’t mean to argue with you or nothing but not EVERYTHING that washes ashore dead is a basking shark. Maybe, just maybe there ARE undiscovered creatures in our oceans…and basking sharks too.

  10. I agree with Simon. I don’t think that’s a basking shark.
    Also. The tooth structure seems mammalian to me. Appears to to a
    primarily meat eating omnivore. Though that may be up for debate.
    Still, if I had to guess, it’d be an omnivorous mammal. As for the
    Topic picture, I’d guess it’s a highly decomposed baleen whale.
    Maybe a young blue whale. The texture on the top of it is
    consistant with the shape of the neck and stomach of such animals.
    I read that it has four “paws”, but the only limb picture I saw was
    a partially eaten/decomposed flipper. Again, I’m just guessing from
    pictures. But it looks like the bottom anterior portion of a young
    blue whale that has been mostly consumed removing most of the back
    and and large portion of the tail. It just happens to be upside
    down. Which if it was floating like that, explains the decomposion

  11. posieden god Says:

    woow, my freind thinks that shit is fake, but i thinks it’s real, because i faught 1, and killed one

  12. The photograph below the first Is a sculpture by an artist
    who likes to create fake sea monsters so they appear to wash up on
    the shore, he often claims his work after they have had allot of
    attention. As for the first picture, I reli have no idea wht that
    is sopposed to be? Has any one got any ideas?

  13. yo i dont wanna be behind one of those when it lets one
    rip. its huge

  14. holy what is that is it a big alligator

  15. Wow this is crazy! The oceans are so vast that we never
    really know whats living at the very bottom. And Posieden
    God…more like Beowulf…lol

  16. Neptune's son Says:

    I’ve looked at alot of sea monsters in my time of 10 years
    but i hava to admit that thing looks alot like a big turtle with
    it’s eyes poked out but anyway it’s unlike anything i’ve ever seen
    it’s freakin AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  17. TJ Wayne Says:

    The top one is a whale. The second is more interesting. That is no basking shark with are filter-feeders and have no teeth. Where as this creature has a very defined jaw, tooth sockets and teeth remaining. Small killer whale perhaps? Any other photo’s of either pic?

  18. hollie mollie what was that thing? that was so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. my gosh those are scary looking!!

  20. shi*** wat da heck was that?!?!

  21. so cool research

  22. Blondievelle Says:

    It’s clearly a blue whale turned upside-down. You can tell by the parallel lines in the flesh, moving from the front to the back. Google search pictures of blue whales and you’ll see they have the same distinct markings on their underside.

  23. wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt

  24. sayidina Says:

    it’s alien?

  25. omg i cant believe it i want to see it in real live i would freak the f out i love monsters and love 2 see more of this cool shit go go go goooooooooo tata very hot babe wtb

  26. what is that? yeas the first one looks liiike a whale up side down. what about the second, it look like som kind of bird. i want see that first creatures tail. first creature looks like a cobra, of course i know that it isn’t cobra, but it looks like.

  27. realy those two creatures aren’t so amaizing, go to http://www.youtube.com write there hell animals and look the first video, then write there srtange creatures and look the results.

  28. what in the hell is that !!!!!! it looks like we still have creaters from the dino time even tho there are still dinos around i know things im not suppoes to know

  29. Yea looking back I should have found a better picture of a dead basking shark, because your right it’s not.

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