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Sorry been busy

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I know I haven’t posted anything in a week or so but I’ve had some other things that need my attention and I do apologize.

I should be able to get around to some blogging this week and I’ll make sure to post a double “Scary Movie of the Weeks to make up for last week.


*NEWS* Sea Monster Washed Ashore (Updated 1/19/11)

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I was listening to The 13 Skulls podcast last week when TJ talked about a hairy hellish sea monster that had washed ashore in Guinea. When I first heard this I thought I knew exactly what it was, a dead Basking shark. See this sort of thing has happened in the past a dead Basking shark washes up on the beach and begins to decay the scales recede a bit then the cartilage begins to fray off and pokes threw the now thin skin and looks much like hair. Then I got home and looked at the pictures of which there are many good ones and found out I was dead wrong. Please go check out this story on the monster.

Down bellow is what I thought it was.  Here is a picture of a basking shark washed up on the beach








Here’s another odd picture of something washed ashore I’ve been told it’s many things much like a sculpture by someone who creates sea monsters and leaves them on beaches to be found.


*NEWS* Talking Fish Miracle

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I normally don’t talk about miracles because most of them I feel are just people matrixing things out of other things, there are a few ones the stand out like the milk-drinking statues in India.

This one is different… way different.  A man in New York claimed that a fish, a carp to be exact starting talking to him just before he was about to carve it.  Once the fish starting giving the Fish carver commands and talking he attacked the fish with his knife, he missed him the first time and only injured himself but finally was able to silence the fish.

This was on MU’s Mindshots podcast last week and I just had to share it.  I’ll put the link to the actual story on here to check out its from newsmontser

Finally Got my TAPS Para-mag

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So, I subscribe to the TAPS magazine back on  Feb. 4th.  February went by, no mag March went by no mag, the beginning April went by still no mag.  Turns out Paypal sent them my money but never sent them anything saying the sent my money(they are giving me two free months at least).  However Tuesday (the 8th) it finally showed up.  There were a few interesting articles, including one about the area around Freetown Mass. which I just ordered a book about.  It looks like it will be will worth the purchase.

GH Wright Patt Episode

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This is just a reminder.  The new Ghost Hunters episode tonight will be the one on Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  Which is pretty much the one I’ve been waiting to see all season as I live about 30 minuets from the base.

A crap load of reviews

Posted in reviews on April 4, 2008 by fknoop24

I’ve read some stuff and watched some stuff and have a few reviews first off is a good book

  • Speak With the Dead– This is a pretty good book by Konstantinos.  If your interested in EVP’s and different ways of talking to the dead then pick this up, it tells you how to use methods from voice recorders and static to more mystical ways such as  scrying.

The next two are movie reviews, both form the last years Horrorfest and they both suck.

  • Crazy Eights– This movie started out with so much potential.  It starts out with six friends who have just attended a buddy’s funeral.  Their buddy had uncovered some rather disturbing secrets about their past.  They soon find out that as children they were all held captive and experiment upon(that’s on the back of the box so it’s not really a spoiler).  The problem is the back-story is not fleshed out enough you never really get the whole picture about what happened to them.  If they would have made this movie 30 minuets longer and told us some stuff it would have been great.
  • Mulberry Street- On the back of the box it says it’s a zombie movie… it’s not (spoiler)… people are bitten by a plague of  rats and start turning into rat-people.  The main character having no weapons as he tries to find his daughter among the rat-people infested New York uses his golden glove fist to take down rat-people with just one punch.  The best part of the movie is when this bar owner starts taking out the evil rat-people with only a frying pan.  Don’t even waste your time.

There’s one more movie, a good one

  • The Mist–  I loved Stephen King’s original story and really like this one, it expands greatly on the original idea.  The acting is good (sadly no King cameo just a store called King’s Pharmacy) written and directed well, it continues to build at a good pace and never gets boring.  The effects for the most part are very well done, there are some tentacles at the beginning that look a little off but other then that good SFX.  I will say that the ending may make it or break it for you (I had no problem with it).

*NEWS* Yowie Photo Now in Better View

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If you’ve been keeping up with things i’m sure you’ve heard about the first pictures of the Yowie from Australia. Well since the story broke all we’ve seen is a picture of the picture well if you head on over to MU there are a couple of really large views of the two actual pictures

click on “show notes after the jump” for both pics