MU is Back UP and Running

If your like me you listen to Mysterious Universe, and if your really like me you pay to listen to the extra episodes, and if your really really like me then you were kind of taken aback when the site and podcast  just went away for two weeks.  Well I’m please to say it’t back with a new website, a new forum(soon) and up and coming video stuff.

I know a lot of people were upset and maybe even angry (especially the premium members)as was i for a little while but then I looked at it like this, it’s one guy trying to please tens of thousands of people happy then you can overload yourself.  Granted Ben should of given people some sort of warning before just pulling everything but I can understand it.  Plus it takes a little bit of time to totally redo the site, the forum and setting up the uStream stuff.    However it looks like he’s gotten some help and has done some stuff with the way show will be done which will help him to keep it going.


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