The Real Silent Hill

This is a great story.

Once again I first heard about it on The 13 Skulls podcast. It seems as if the town of Silent Hill(one of my favorite games) was based on a real town in Pennsylvania called Centralia. Back in the sixties this small coal-mining town was set ablaze underneath the earth, threw the old coal mines and coal deposits. after someone set a trash fire at a strip mine that spread into the coal mines the fire continued to burn gutting the earth under Centralia, and still burns to this day! The fire caused roads to collapse and crack, large holes seem to pop up out of nowhere there are even places were smoke stills rises up from the ground.

The most amazing thing to me is, even though the town was evacuated in 1962(the town still stands but it now owned by the Government) 11 people still live there.

You have to check out this link read take a look at the pics it incredible.

Not your typical ghost town huh, some say it may even be haunted.


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  1. Nice site!! I love finding sites dedicated to the paranormal that are good. See ya around šŸ™‚

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