*NEWS* New UFO Pics from the UK

I was listening to Mysterious Universe and Ben talked about some startling new UFO pics from the UK.  Well I jumped on the MU site to see the pics for myself and I have to say is WOW!  They are good…really good… almost to good.

The first set were taken over the London Eye and the second Were in Porstmouth.

Take a look



And if anyone is interested in finding out more about the always great MU podcast here the link to the site



One Response to “*NEWS* New UFO Pics from the UK”

  1. Great blog! I love deep thinkers and UFO stuff! Not certain what to think thou??!
    As a note, check out this blog: http://blogrdie.wordpress.com (not my blog – just found it thru another post) What is the WORLD is this blog all about? Armageddon,(the end of the world), Religions, UFO.s, time Travel, etc… Someone may be smoking something, but it is worth a read! Again good content!

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