Books I’m Reading

I’ve picked up a few good books that I am currently making my way through.

  • PSIence, How New Discoveries in Quantam Physics and New Science may Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena– By Marie D. Jones
  • Speak with the Dead– By Konstantinos
  • Ghost-By Hans Holzer

Ill let you know how may reading goes when I’m done with them all.

If anyone has any good books they think I should pick up let me know and I’ll give them consideration. I’m not really into the preachy religious type of stuff or books where people like to say that their opinion on the subject is fact, more like stuff thats put out there in a very normal view and lays it all out and lets me make up my own mind.

Also, if anyone knows of a good easy to understand book on quantum physics that isn’t going to go over my head let me know about. You can either e-mail me at or just leave a comment. Thanks.


One Response to “Books I’m Reading”

  1. Have you read Hunt For the Skinwalker yet? Creepy stuff, but fascinating.

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