30 Days of Night Blu-ray Review

First off let me say that I rather enjoyed Steve Niles’s graphic novel and most of the sequels. So I was really excited when I heard of this movie coming out. I regret not seeing it in theaters but when the blu-ray came out I jumped on it and It did not dissapoint. Its a different take on how we perceive vampires. The vampires in the movie have their own language as well as odd facial features and are very primitive and animal-like. All and all it’s a good movie it does get a little slow around the end until the climax but that was the only real problem I had with the whole thing. If you love Vampire movies, or those types of movies were the an overwhelming sense of isolation (like John Carpenters The Thing or Alien) or just well made horror movies in general this one will not disappoint.

As far as the blu-ray goes, it’s the best HD transfer I’ve seen since Underworld Evolution. The snow looks great as does the flying blood. This is really one of those movies where you can see a huge difference from SD to HD.


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