Good Paranormal Podcast

Any one looking for some good podcast to listen too. Well there’s a few that I listen to and really like so here they are.

  • EERIE Radio ( This one is by far my favorite. It’s hosted by DK and Fizz and is a really fun show to listen to. Their banter is just great to listen to even if a lot of time they get off topic, but the real fun begins when they get into the interview.
  • Beyond Reality Radio- This is actually a radio show that Jason Hawes and Grant Davis from TAPS do. This one is good too, you really get to see a side of Jay and Grant that you don’t see on Ghost Hunters. They have two guests per show and then have a free hour where anything goes. Check this one out especially if you like Ghost Hunters.
  • Mysterious Universe( This one is hosted by Ben Grundy. The thing one about this one is he gives out a one-hour long free show on iTunes but also has a paid podcast, for 5$ a month you get three shows a week so there’s a lot of content for you buck.
  • The 13 Skulls Podcast( This was really the first paranormal podcast the I started to listen to. It’s a one man paranormal news show hosted by TJ. He basically digs up all the really good news stories reads then and gives his two cents.
  • Night Watch- This podcast is lesser know but I enjoy it. It’s hosted by film director Todd Sheets. What I really like about this one is it’s not all about paranormal he throws some other goodies in there as well for example the other week his first guest was a guy who ran a Batman website and they talked about Batman for an hour which I have no problem with.

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